NYE 2015 w/ Mayer Hawthorne (DJ set), Afrolicious Sound System & J Boogie

Mayer Hawthorne (DJ Set)

Mayer Hawthorne has over 100 million plays on YouTube, Spotify and all those other Internet sites. His sophomore album How Do You Do earned him a Grammy nod. And if he got a vote for every SoundCloud follower he has (five million), he could get elected Senator somewhere. But he’s not some piece of shit politician; he’s a musician who writes songs from the soul.

Here’s some stuff you can’t find on Wikipedia: Mayer Hawthorne starts his day off with waffles and The Whispers or turkey sausage and Steely Dan. Sometimes it’s punk rock and pancakes for dinner. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s breakfast food and music.

Raised by hippie parents in Ann Arbor, Michigan, smack between the Hash Bash and the car factories – Hawthorne’s old man taught him to play bass guitar at age five. He would play records in the house all while Mayer was growing up. He put him up on game. He’d say, “You hear him singing there? That’s David Ruffin.” Or, “You hear that guitar solo? That’s Stephen Stills.” And young Hawthorne would sit there, with his bowl of cereal, soaking it up.

Mayer DJed in Michigan at the height of Detroit hip-hop. He was there. Before Em blew, when Dilla was still alive. He was spinning records and making rap beats. Now he’s making soul records and rappers are sampling him. Circle of life.

Mayer’s been digging in the crates and you can hear the influences in his music. A touch of Shuggie Otis here, some Bob Marley there, a sprinkle of Sly Stone…

On his fourth full-length album, due out this spring, Hawthorne is back to handling the lion’s share of production. He also played damn near every instrument on the album and penned every track. His songwriting pulls from his life and observations; his heartache and joy. Sometimes it’s groovy, other times he’s vulnerable and sincere.

It’s the shit people listen to when they wanna get drunk and stoned and sentimental. The reason? Mayer Hawthorne stays making that timeless, soulful, baby-making music.

Afrolicious Soundsystem in the Loft at Public Works

Afrolicious Soundsystem returns to Public Works with DJs Pleasuremaker & Ozgood spinning all night long alongside live percussion by Diamond Vibes. If it is funky it will get played, house, disco, funk, tropical, bass, nothing is off limits if it will make the dancers sweat.

San Francisco based Ozgood has been rocking dancefloors from cities like Rio de Janeiro to New York City to festivals like Burning Man. His eclectic selections mix up dance music from genres ranging from funk, Afrobeat, disco, house, Latin, Hip-Hop and reggae, the unifying factor being the breaks that make the party move.
As a tastemaker, producer and promoter he has helped garner worldwide respect for the Afrolicious party he co-founded has gained critical praise for his mixtapes and original production and remixes that have come out on Six Degrees Records and Akwaaba Records.

Pleasuremaker is a dance heavy outfit. Based out of the Bay Area they have been lighting up dance floors around the Bay, NY, and LA for the last year and half.Bringin' together a tight blend of DJ sensibility, live orchestration, and conscious feel good grooves, they leave fans wanting more after each show and always come correct. As host of the Afrolicious party they have worked alongside amazing artist from around the globe including DJs Thievery Corporation, Nickodemus, Balkan Beat Box, Sabo, Nappy G. J.Boogie, and bands such as Spam All-Stars and Chico Mann.



Public Works & Ankh Marketing Present: New Years Eve 2015 with MAYER HAWTHORNE (DJ set) + Afrolicious Sound System + J Boogie (Om Records) more TBA 2 Rooms Party Funktion One (main room) HOSTED CHAMPAGNE till 10:30PM. This will sell out quickly!

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