Batworth Stone

Batworth Stone

BATWORTH STONE'S debut album "Strange Hours" could be the soundtrack to a movie involving a cosmic, backwoods encounter. It's a sonic rocket ride through pop and post-punk atmospheres into psychedelic space. The songs on this album reflect the band's unofficial motto, "Always Be Changing", as evidenced by the diverse moods they evoke while maintaining a common, otherworldly vision.

Stars and The Sea

"Local three-piece STARS AND THE SEA is shadowy without getting lost in mope-dom. Vocalist Shane Gardner has the kind of baritone that would be just as at home in a tragic country band that listens to lots of Cash as it would in a group of Morrissey-influenced melancholy addicts. With the chugging indie churn of his bandmates on songs like 'Beautiful Odd Girl' or 'Bar Tripper,' you can hear a bit of the sardonic indie-darlings the National at play, but then a song like 'Come to Me' shows more traditional post-punk influences still working their way out." - Baynard Woods, City Paper

The Lavender Tone

THE LAVENDER TONE play "beautiful, dreamy, soulful, and tight pop music... the bright shimmery guitar, wobbling bass, and falsetto-ish vocal harmonies overlap to create soundscapes that have some serious emotional impact." - Baynard Woods, City Paper

Sherman Whips

Lanky jangles feat. mem. of goblin mold, boats, and surf harp



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