Ghost Hotel

Ghost Hotel

Sexy melodramatic indie bedroom-pop group from Frederick, MD.

Long-lost childhood friends, Sam Paxton and Alison Crawford, reunited in the summer of 2011 and Ghost Hotel was born. Within a month, the pair had penned a full album's worth of original material. Without a band to play it, they went into the studio, calling in favors from friends to help play all the parts and pull the album together. Ghost Hotel recorded the debut LP, "Do You Feel It," with Jordan Miller, operator of Gypsy Cab Studios and one of the masterminds behind Frederick's up and coming post-rock trio, "Time Columns". The album is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Heavy Lights

As strong in their live shows as they are in their recordings, Heavy Lights is a rare breed of (beyond proficient) DIY home studio engineers which consistently kills every single one of their live performances. Heavy Light's mature songwriting and arrangements move beyond standard rhythms and chord progressions offering a complexity that draws us in, urging us to pay stricter attention, wanting more, driving us on.

Heavy Lights, through the course of their songs, strategically add elements that keep our ears constantly on their toes: interesting melodies, big vocals that become dreamy when accompanied by compelling harmonies and synth, warm electric guitar tones which offer unexpected (and at times, heartbreaking) chord changes, anticipation-building rhythms, and riveting bass lines. These elements entice the ear, engage us.

Their songs aren't simple, but they are easy to consume. Not in a lowest-common-denominator sort of way, but because they are performed, arranged, and mixed masterfully. The listener can just sit back, relax, and enjoy each beautiful auditory element, one after another, in perfectly-strategized succession.

New God

In the spring of 2013, Baltimore-based art-pop band NEW GOD, lead by brothers Kenny and Curt Tompkins, began crafting songs for their sophomore LP Firework. The album is a slight departure from the sugar-rush fuzz-pop of their debut, 2012's polished lo-fi Motorcar, but maintains the stylized production values, thick harmony vocals and sun-soaked melodies that originally won them so many Beach Boys comparisons.




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