Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado, Pictureplane (real name Travis Egedy) was a driving force in making the city one of the most influential DIY towns in the world; thanks in large part to Pictureplane's legendary shows at his former Denver home Rhinoceropolis, his raging club night, "Real is a Feeling", and his constant stream of mixtapes and remixes. In 2012 he moved to Brooklyn, NY and quickly established himself as one of the figureheads of a revitalized electronic/punk scene. Egedy's growing influence can be felt in ways that are both trivial and significant: Pictureplane's punk rock-like approach to the production and dissemination of his work is democratizing electronic music the same way the Ramones, Minor Threat, and Black Flag liberated rock music in the 70s and 80s.

Produced and recorded by Egedy and mixed/co-produced by Jupiter Keyes of HEALTH, his 2011 record Thee Physical is a celebration of human touch in a digital world. The album is also unquestionably Pictureplane's best and most assured record to date: his vocals are confident and unnervingly sexy, the instrumentation is at once both purely electronic and surprisingly human. Pictureplane has managed to make electronic music deeply emotive—a synthesis of the human and the machine both in lyrics and sound.

"Brilliant? Yes. The guy has true production and compositional skills and has found a uniquely compelling way to merge a deep blend house, noise, synth pop, darkwave, psychedelia, world music, and trippy new age space-time theories into emotionally compelling soundscapes."


"Pictureplane, a one-man knob-twiddler…might succeed where many others have failed: making shiny, thumping, ecstasy-appropriate dance music palatable to indie fans whose comfort with electronic jams extends about as far as Hot Chip or Girl Talk."


"Colorado art-guy Pictureplane packs a ridiculous amount of contagious energy into this club ready debut. This is music for a new-age junkyard rave: stinky, sweaty, and way too much fun."

DJ Dog Dick

"Conceptualize Brooklyn as an elementary school playground. Williamsburg's a modern ergonomic playstructure with rubber mulch instead of sand, lab tested for optimal safety. Bushwick's a four square court packed with competitive athlete kids, and Park Slope's an ice cream truck around the corner. Far Rockaway, meanwhile, is a clump of bushes way past the cafeteria where a kindergartner found a condom once. Its obvious why Max "DJ Dog Dick" Eisenberg lives there—he's a lifelong outskirts inhabitant, a junkyard dog scavenging the detritus of North America's brief flirtation with capitalism. DJ Dog Dick thrives at the intersection of vulgar flesh and corroded machinery, busting raps over the distorted squalls of un-nameable machines he's built from discarded tapes and circuitboards. He finds common ground between Wolf Eyes and Wu-Tang—his verses coat screeching, exposed wires in the oozing bio-hazardous material of his own lyrical psyche. If you socialize in New York's murkier substrates you've probably caught his revelatory live set at some point. He straps a synth to his chest and writhes over the mic like, well, a dog with a bone. After years on tour he's finally tracked muddy pawprints into a studio to record his debut LP The Life Stains—the first single "Rot Is Hot" is gloopy, acidic, and hard as fuck. Check out our exclusive premiere, and read below for an interview with the Duke of Debris himself on topics including rust, noise music, and finding inspiration in amateur porn." - Noisey



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