VIA Festival 2014 * Chicago - Distal (Album Release) / Groundislava

VIA Festival 2014 * Chicago - Distal (Album Release) / Groundislava

This showcase is included in the VIA 2014 Chicago ALL ACCESS PASS

26 year old Michael Rathbun, aka Distal, is a man of many trades. When heís not running his Embassy Recordings label, you can find him in the studio producing his multi-tempo tunes, known for blending sounds from the past, present and future to form a style all his own. Lookout for his superior mixing skills in the booth as well, moving dance floors across the nation, playing out the best in bass music from across the globe along with his own tunes.
With his inaugural vinyl release on heavyweight UK label Soul Jazz Records, followed by the classic in-the-making ëTypewriter Tuneí on Surefire Sound, Distal has a bright and positive future in front of him. More of his unique production is set to drop in 2011 with releases forthcoming on Tectonic, Ghettophiles, Tube10, Embassy, Fortified Audio and Grizzly, along with collaborations with Addison Groove, DJ Rashad, Stagga, Moldy and Deep Mediís Clouds.


Emerging from the endless summers of Venice, CA to teaming up with Shlohmo, Jonwayne, D33J, RL Grime and more to form the Wedidit crew, Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava has transformed from bashful video gamer to full-fledged composer. The son of Michael Patterson (who directed A-Ha's standout music video "Take On Me" and Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract"), Groundislava has roots that draw from 80s nostalgia, TV and pop culture that grow and transform into the 21st Century aesthetic of electronic music.

Recently tapped for official remixes of Slugabed and Shlohmo as well as Kutmah's Brownswood compilation, Groundislava returns with the 'Feel Me' LP, the follow-up full-length to his self-titled 2011 debut. A mature step for the artist, 'Feel Me' showcases Groundislava's unique sensibilities for developing sweeping soundscapes, luscious backdrops and somber tracks in a distinct sound all his own.

The subdued groove and melancholic melodies of tracks like "Suicide Mission" featuring ghostly vocals from Baths and "Bottle Service" featuring Shlohmo balance the big room dynamics and technicolor soundscape of tracks like "Olympia 2011" and the bass heavy boom of "Cool Party". On others, like "TV Dream" featuring the enigmatic Clive Tanaka, Groundislava composes an ebullient ode to a friendship's inception, soaking it in summery vibes and phantom playfulness.

'Feel Me' is available now on Friends of Friends. Cool to him.

$6.80 - $10.00


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