IRONFEST V (Night 2)


Honeyspiders come on like a knife through the streets cutting open the dark, spilling out it's coloured secrets into the ether. Their sound takes shape as a blend of swaggering rock n' roll, hazy opium den grooves, and wash. In a wave of tape saturation, the secret beat kicks in. Chris Harrison's angular guitar work is a searing chorus of dinosaur howls as the bass lines lumber and drag the caravan onwards. Square wave and psychedelic organs pinwheel and swirl through the air. All the while, Jeremy Harrison is the red tar voice in the density. Ambivalent and eternally cool, even when he's all lost in freakout. A revolving cast of guests and co-conspirators aid them along the way rounding out live performances and recordings, adding a shifting, malleable quality to the Honeyspiders music.

"Incredibly dark, sinister and unbelievably brilliant..." - Dayton City Paper
"An exercise in American Eclectic: gritty, dirty and damn good." - Independent Weekly
"Harnessing the bucking bronco of country punk and holding on for dear life." - Knoxville Metro Pulse
"Bridging the spirit of sweaty punk and old-school country, 500 Miles To Memphis is irresistible." - CiN Weekly
Eastside Vibe, our latest article -

Winner of the 2005 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best Roots/Americana/Folk
Nominated for the 2006 CEA for best Rock
Winner of the 2007 CEA for best Live Act
Winner of the 2007 CEA for best Rock
Nominated for the 2007 CEA for Album of The Year
Nominated for the 2007 CEA for Artist of the Year
Winner or the 2008 CEA for best Rock
Nominated for the 2010 CEA for Album of the Year
Winner of the 2011 CEA for Best Live Act
Winner of the 2012 CEA for Best Live Act
Winner of the 2013 CEA for Best Live Act
Nominated for the 2015 CEA for Album of the Year

You never know when you might hear the music of 500 Miles to Memphis. Maybe in a honky tonk in Tennessee. Maybe at a Rock show in North Carolina. Maybe at a Punk festival in their hometown of Cincinnati. Maybe in an acoustic format at the corner bar or coffeeshop. Or maybe on MTV’s Nitro Circus, soundtracking some extreme sport stunts. The band is comfortable in almost any setting, largely because their music — a mix of scrappy Country and scorching Rock & Roll — has a magnetic, wide appeal. The Hot Topic kids get juiced on the band’s adrenalized live shows, while fans of Classic Country can appreciate 500 Miles’ true, heartfelt take on vintage C&W. With Sunshine in a Shotglass, the group’s debut full-length, 500 Miles to Memphis introduced itself as a world-class Rock band with songs that are alternately shit-kicking and heartbreaking. From the fiddle-driven, broken-glass-inducing “All My Friends are Crazy” to the closing trilogy of “Let It Rain”/”Sunshine in a Shotglass”/”The Regret,” singer/songwriter Ryan Malott and his tight, rousing band concocted a true, complete album, full of plenty of soul and depth, but also lots of instantly memorable Pop hooks. Don’t believe me? Then just listen to Sunshine once or, better yet, get out to a show. 500 Miles to Memphis is one of the most promising young bands in North America right now. - Mike Breen, City Beat

The Blue Rock Boys

Punching Moses

Moonbow started out as a writing project when singer Matt Bischoff approached David McElfresh of Hank 3/Lethal. The plan was to get together to write some songs for a possible recording project. Songs were written and then we approached former Afghan Whigs/Hermano drummer Steve Earle and Bassist Ryan McAllister of Valley of the Sun to form Moonbow and "The End of Time" was recorded.

Husk & Skull

If QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf and Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger met and had a baby, and then Black Sabbath - Never Say Die and Faith No More - Angel Dust met and had a baby, and then those 2 babies met and fucked, that's what our music would be.

Draculas are 5 brothers from other mothers that habitat various sparse locations along the Ohio River Valley. One time, lighting struck this gnarly old tree and we all made instruments out of it. Hallelujah, dudes!

Hand Of Doom

Rock N Roll, Metal, Hard Rock, Stoner Music, Doom

The Tri-States most bombastic tribute to the the band started it all, Black Sabbath!

The Dopamines

Mudpies are Forrest Horn (vocals), Marc Raia (guitar), Mike Reeder (bass), and Paul 'Walter' Sketch (drums). The Pies have been rocking the No. KY/Cinci area for almost 12 years now without a change in band lineup. A sonic collision of The Who, Aerosmith, U2, and Neil Young - the Pies put forth Rockmusic, Blues, and Soul. The Mudpies were most recently nominated for CEA Best Blues Band award, and have played with the likes of Dick Dale, Los Lonely Boys, and Eric Johnson. The Mudpies are quite well known for being extremely attractive.. 5bucks is 5bucks.

The Mudpies are a Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area rock band that has been slinging mudrock in the tri-state area since the spring of 1999. The Mudpies have enjoyed playing the the 2008 Queen City Blues Festival at Sawyer Point, the 2009 Queen City Winter Blues Festival at the Southgate House, the main stage at the 2003 Pepsi Jammin’ on Main and the 2002 Bacon Electricity Music Festival/Campout, as well as opening dates for the likes of Dick Dale, Eric Johnson, and Los Lonely Boys. For 10 years the band has been hitting local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky nightspots like the Southgate House, Mansion Hill Tavern, The Comet, The Northside Tavern, Top Cat's, Sudsy Malone's, as well as the legendary Derf's Tavern in scenic Latonia, KY. The Mudpies enjoy playing a combination of mud-twisted cover tunes as well as Mudpies original songs.

Cadaver Dogs are too much. Too provocative, too outrageous, too wicked, too scandalous, just too fucking much.

You know the feeling. It's four in the morning and your head is spinning, you can't tell if you're in a room full of people or all alone. All you know for sure is that there's a line on the table, a rolled up dollar bill in your hand, and a decision to be made. Let the Dogs give you a little advice. Do too much.

We're not talking about a band here, we're talking about a barbaric two-headed rock hellion, as likely to break your teeth out with a bottle of Jägermeister as it is to make your toes tap or your ass shake.

With three studio releases of raucous, radio-ready rock and roll already under their belts, including their phenomenal debut full length, 2012's 'superloose', Cadaver Dogs are going in for the kill with the release of their brand new album 'TOO MUCH'. A mesmerizing myriad of brazen bangers and ballistic twisters that'll blacken your brain while whispering in your ear how much it loves you. Their first record as a duo, you'll swear you're actually listening to at least six musicians, a dominatrix, and a witchdoctor, but it's just two scurrilous mutts hell-bent on a good time.

And let's not forget their manic live show, equal parts blood, sweat, vomit, and flying floor toms. This is where the Dogs really run wild, each show a tumultuous lesson in chaos and excess. Having drug their filthy paws coast to coast sharing stages with Andrew WK, Foxy Shazam, Filter, Semi Precious Weapons, Valient Thorr, and more, the Dogs are prepping for their busiest year yet. The band will be carousing the nation with their batch of exhilarating new songs, looking for the weirdest party they can conjure up. They'll also be making stops at various festivals along the way including busting open the Carolina Rebellion Festival in Charlotte, NC alongside Rob Zombie and Avenged Sevenfold, as well as the inaugural Fashion Meets Music Festival alongside Cold War Kids, Circa Survive, and New Found Glory in their home city of Columbus, OH. But most importantly, they'll be haunting your every thought, every dream, every delusion, every hallucination, like a parasitic devil forged in your favorite nightmare.

Feeling overwhelmed? Cadaver Dogs are just getting started and you're in their sights. They've got your scent, so it's already too late.

Too bad.


Ethicist is a Cincinnati, OH based group formed in the fall of 2012. Taking a blackened approach to creating bleak soundscapes, lush with spiraling textures, their live presence is drenched in reverb and gloomy intensity. A limited S/T cassette was released on And Recordings in May of 2013. The band’s second offering, II, is to be released on Grimoire Cassette Culture in 2014.

Blood On The Blade

Blood On The Blade was put together especially for Ironfest. It's comprised of various local musicians from several different bands. We will be playing a set of classic metal covers and drinking massive amounts of alcohol the entire evening. We hail from both sides of the river.

We Are Hex

In the bio on their website, We Are Hex describe their sound as an amalgam of noise, dance, doom, psychedelia, 50s and 60s pop and punk. And for once, a band’s grandiose claims of musical diversity aren’t utter bullshit. They combine all of those genres into a dreamy, dark and somewhat disturbing sonic stew. The bio goes on to compare the band to The Cure, Gang of Four, P.J. Harvey and The Jesus and Mary Chain, but I feel like comparing these guys (and girl) to anyone else sells them short. To these ears, We Are Hex sounds like We Are Hex and nobody else. This album is way too good to be the self-recorded debut of a band that just started two years ago. If they can keep up this level of quality, they’ll be legends in no time. Mark my words. Actually, you know what? Fuck my words. They’re woefully inadequate. The whole album is available as an audio stream on I highly recommend that you check it out if you’re at all interested in good music. I mean, it’s free! You’ve got nothing to lose!
(Eric, BEAST Feedback)

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