IRONFEST V (Night 1)

Casino Warrior

Four dudes made up from different animal parts that rock harder than regular humans.

Mala In Se is a frenzied detour from the normal world of rock and metal. The band de-constructs concepts from a large cache of musical genres, yet they’ve concocted a truly unique sound and vision. The foundation of the band’s sound is the (un)usual combination of guitar, bass, and drums, then it becomes dense with layers of samples, feedback, and auxiliary percussion. The band’s playing often shifts from enormous amounts of physical energy to teardrops of minimalist soundscapes. Tempos go from blindingly-fast to a sluggish crawl before you can even count the meter. This band is a genre-bursting amalgamation of post-punk/thrash/avant-garde/nosie/math-rock and new age, with a little nod to free jazz in a live setting.

Mala in se: wrongs in themselves; acts morally wrong; offenses against conscience.

This band crawls inside of you and lays it's eggs....

Decompression nosebleeds are a persistent nuisance, a familiar sanity and a familiar start to a Sunday Morning. Im disturbed to enjoy a calmness in their regularity. A calmness amongst the confines of this metal prison. Survival is so cold from the depths of space. The shattered remains of a fairytale life display on the station viewing screen. Earth, I mustve lived there in a dream. I remember the sun on the surface, before the earth was covered in ash. I remember the brightness and the warmth and the look on my mother's face... she was so proud. That is the way I will always remember her It is so cold in space.

Black Signal makes music for caustic nights of seclusion and terrifying journeys through the abandoned, crumbling cityscapes of a disturbing future dystopia. Each Note Secure

Blue LED Helmets and Live Visual Projection help create an otherworldly feel as Black Signal navigates the stage from their cockpit of sequencers and synthesizers. "Its hard to pigeonhole a genre; we're not setting out to write dance music although there is a definite groove. We pull just as much influence from metal as we do from traditional EDM.

In their so far short lifespan as this electronic incarnation, Black Signal has managed to play festivals and shows across Ohio and surrounding areas including: Midpoint Music Festival (with: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Breeders) and Ubahn Festival (with: A-TRAK and Mike Posner). Black Signal was also awarded the 2014 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Electronic Act.

The name refers to a sound signal shooting endlessly through space. Black Signal started life as a three-piece prog rock band in 2008. The band grew to a five-piece and created the album Snow Mountain Sun Acceptance of Death. In 2010, 4 members reunited to release the industrial studio EP: Anoura before going into hiatus.
Reuniting in 2012, the current incarnation contains the two surviving members: Matt Ogden and Sean Garner along with the sometimes musical companion and live video engineer: Kevin Poole. The progressive element still remains in the scaled down, completely electronic version the band has become today.

Black Signal creates a collage of varying electronic sounds and structures, providing danceable beatscapes that morph into dark, nightmarish atmospherics without advance warning. Black Signals sonic puzzle is made up of shape-shifting electronica turned inside out, tearing down any boundaries conceivable. - CityBeat

The Lockland Brakes

Well, here’s the story. Opie and Jeff were in a band called Situation Red. J Duckworth has been the face of Duppy a Jamba, now the Newport Secret Six and he also plays an active roll in The DAAP Girls. And, Nick… I don’t know where we found this dude, but I’m glad we did. Holy crap, that might be the most boring story I’ve ever told. Are you still reading this?

The Story Changes

Simple songs for complicated times.

We write music and really like playing it live. We hope you enjoy listening.

Monitor Lizard

Hyperactive hardcore punk assault from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kill City was formed in the summer of 2004 by Johnny SeX, Kevin Apgar, Rick Three, Turbo and Greg Beale. The band has an in your face style and approach that combines several different influences such as '77 style punk, 70’s glam, '80s sleaze and blues based rock n roll resulting in an absolutely explosive live show. They quickly rose to prominence making a huge dent in the local/regional Ohio scene releasing their own four song EP titled "Destroy All Whitebelts" (which sold out almost immediately) and have opened for such notable national and international acts as The Bronx, Electric Frankenstein, The BellRays, The Biters, Broken Teeth, American Dog and Gito Gito Hustler to name a select few.

Locally, the band has been featured in magazines like CityBeat and CinWeekly, and were featured on the cover of CityBeat recognized as a co-headliner for Cincinnati’s biggest and longest running punk festival, Cincy Punk Fest. In 2006 Kill City were proudly nominated for best punk artist at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. The band were also featured in the well respected UK based Classic Rock Magazine and were handpicked by none other than Sleazegrinder himself to be included on the accompanying compilation titled "Sons of Guns" which contained original songs from several modern day artists who were strongly influenced by Guns N' Roses. The band has since released a self financed debut disc in 2008 titled "I’ll Keep Telling The Same Lie… ...One Day You’ll Believe It."

That release contained 7 songs full of hooks and hard hitting guitar laden rock and roll featuring Rick Three as the main vocalist.

As time passed, personnel changes were endured and after the untimely passing of late drummer Jason May, Kill City decided to take a necessary hiatus but returned again in late 2014 with a new lineup consisting of the return of Johnny SeX to front the band, Kevin Apgar still at the guitar spot, Sean Rokken once again claiming the drum throne and new member but longtime friend Sean Sleaze manning the bass slot and just in time for a second CEA nod. In 2015, Nato Halley replaced Sean Sleaze and the band continues to consistently separate themselves as cold blooded sonic assassins. Kill City is poised for yet another thrill ride on their own Rock n' Rollercoaster. Jump on, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

V@mpire Weekend At Bernie's

Songs about cocks, cunts, and casserole

Mad Anthony has been detonating their brand of loud, Garage/Punk Rock since 2007. “So what does Mad Anthony play exactly? From its volume and breakneck vigor, it’s Punk, pure and simple, but there is so much more at work here. Vocalist/guitarist Ringo Jones is like Iggy Pop channeling the spirit of Mississippi John Hurt in a Dead Boys tribute, screaming until the veins in his neck stand out like bridge cable under his skin. When Jones and guitarist/vocalist Adam Flaig start trading riffs, there’s a galloping rhythm that suggests Dave Alvin in his seminal Blasters days with a live power line down his trousers. And the rhythm section of power bassist Dave Markey and new drummer Marc Sherlock is thunder personified… If you see the name Mad Anthony on a telephone pole, get the information and get there. It will change you.”

"Third time I've listened to it ["G.C.R.P."] this morning. I'm one away from pounding beers and smashing everything on my desk." - Drisk Nation

Since our formation in the summer of 2011, we've played 190+ shows including two US tours and an East Coast/Canadian Tour; 18 weeks and over 26,000 miles in total. On our DIY label, BirdsEye Records, we self-released our debut full-length, "Class & Cruelty", in May 2012 and our sophomore 7", "When It Hits", in September 2013. Relentlessly devoted to punk rock, expect plenty of announcements in the coming months because we're dead set on making 2014 our best year to date.

Be sure to check out our website for updates, media, tour dates, and other stupid shit! -

Also, stream/purchase our albums at:

A Cincinnati-based band, influenced by punk, soul and garage rock. According to some reviews, we sound like Agent Orange meets the Midwest. Go figure.

Past members of Meeoow Motherfucker, Duggout, Busy Kids and Manaconda come together to fuck shit up again. Don't be surprised if you kinda like us.


Smoke Signals...

Smoke Signals… are a Newport, Kentucky based trio formed in 2010. They started touring in 2011 and in 2012 they began releasing a series of singles. First a covers maxi-single, 9195, was released in the summer of 2012 and then the single, “Silent War,” was released in the fall, both issued by And Recordings. An EP, The Collapse, was released in March, 2013 on And Recordings, then re-released in August on Phratry Records. Smoke Signals… are slated to release a 7" via Phratry Records in early 2014.

Featuring members of And Recordings Artists: Ethicist, Sweet Ray Laurel, Silver Bridge Disaster, Elks On Acid, Menarche and Good Night Noises.

"Imagine The Cult, Led Zeppelin, and BLONDIE in a knife fight...”

Cincinnati singer Tina Sullivan got together some area musicians to form a one-off band to play a benefit show.

Now, more than two years later, LOVECRUSH 88 is still going and has become a powerful mainstay of the Cincinnati rock circuit!

Tina's soulful cutting singing sets perfect in with the seasoned guitarists Joel Spivey and Mike Reeders Rockin edge and with the experienced Rhythm section of thumping Bassist Vincent Hammerstein and the precision of acclaimed drummer Ryan Moore LOVECRUSH 88 plays a show you don’t want to miss!!

Martin Luther & The Kings

For the last six years, Martin Luther 7 The Kings have been the musical slap in the ass that you all have needed. With their blend of garage, punk, country and full-on good looks, they are a sure fire good time that you will hate yourself for missing!

Sweet Ray Laurel

The Very Beginning

Sweet Ray Laurel began its formation in 2002, when bassist Kenny Potter confronted his friend and guitarist Eric "La Bohem" Boehmker at a Halloween party that Kenny's then band Jon E Law was playing that night. Knowing that his band would not continue much further, Kenny asked Eric if he would like to put together a new band. Within a week , they had started playing together and trying to find other musicians to complete the fold. After trying out a handful of singers and guitarists, they came across Jims, front man of the previously disbanded local space-punk band Prick B. Mafia, in early 2003. They met for a few practices and found an immediate chemistry.
They started writing songs as a 3-piece acoustic act with Kenny on bass, Jims on vocals and electric guitar, and Eric on acoustic. They played one show at Cincy Punk Fest '03 with this line-up, feeling incomplete without drums. After trying out a couple drummers, Jims suggested his childhood friend Dane Dickmann with whom he had played many shows while Dane was in the late local pop-punk band Uncle Pervey. The moment that he walked into Sweet Ray's practice space, they started playing and the intensity that the band was looking for was no longer a search. That day, Eric put down his acoustic guitar and started his new venture into the quick moving and effect driven blues leads that he would from then on be known for while he was in the band.


After writing a few new songs and taking songs from the former set list, they then started playing everywhere around the Cincinnati area. Their sound was constantly evolving from the beginning. Songs like "A Nomad at Home" (featured on the Bluegrass Disaster compilation) and "Jimmy's Song" showed influences that ranged from Neil Young to Bob Marley. They then stepped it up a notch when they wrote "Look Alive", "The Halo Effect", and "Radio Down" (featured on Sexy Killer Records Compilation '05 & Split EP with Silver Bridge Disaster) which showcased the band's new found explosive and passionate post-punk sound that would heat you up and cool you down a dozen times within a sometimes 7-minute experience. This is the sound that would dominate their setlists while playing every place in Cincy they could find and traveling around the midwest from '04-'08. During this time SRL was compiling random recordings for their (still unreleased) EP "Distance The Light". With their sound still evolving with more eclectic tastes ranging from aggressive soul to reggae, ska , and world music progressions, while also experimenting with different kinds of flowing harmonies, they found their EP to be an inconsistent mix of songs that would not truly capture the essence of their live show.

Addition and Subtraction

Around summer of 2008 SRL recruited longtime friend and gifted musician Matt "Mattchu" Grone to join them on keyboards and synth and take their sound into a more spacey direction and new level of intensity. The band then made a unanimous decision to record and produce a full album themselves that would project their new style in a more organized fashion than the previous effort. After completing the rest of their shows for the year, they got to work.
During the recording sessions in late 2009, Eric decided to leave the band due to creative differences. This made the band have to refocus their ambitions and start anew. They immediately decided Mattchu would take over lead guitar while still playing keyboards, sometimes literally at the same time. The band then set off to finish the album and embrace their new 4-piece lineup.

The Self Titled CD

After taking a break from playing out to rejuvenate the band's new form, Sweet Ray Laurel released their self titled album and began setting up shows to promote the release. The album features old favorites in a different form like "Freight Train" and "Radio Down", plus new songs such as "Gone" and "More" that accentuate their love for progressive time signatures and multi-layered orchestrations. Their first show back was their annual Halloween party "Dress up and Dance" on Oct 31st, 2010.
After that show, SRL toured heavily along the East Coast, hitting up cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City. Releases from the CD were picked up and played on radio stations and podcasts across the country, and around the world. As their US and international fan base expanded, the band began writing new music.

And Now...

During the recording of their new EP, Matt was transferred to Boston, MA. During this time, SRL was lucky to pick up Dave Catton, a very talented guitar player who had played in other bands with Jims in the past. Dave started working with the band to fill in the sound. In February of 2013, Dave was added as a permanent member. The band continues to grow and reach new audiences each day! With the release of their new EP, Tabula Rasa, available now, Sweet Ray Laurel will show fans the culmination of years of honing their sound to what is now a very eclectic and original mix of the best rock has to offer.
Sweet Ray Laurel is an adventurous band with surprises around every corner and live shows that will unite any crowd of any background. Stay tuned to see what happens next...........

On August 1st 2007, John Goff was pronounced dead. He died in his small house in Abilene, Kansas from a severe asthma attack. This was the influential event that caused John’s best friend, Steve Moss, to start The Midnight Ghost Train as a eulogy to John. “Something had to be done,” Steve says. “John’s memory and life has to be remembered in some way.” Moss then moved to Buffalo, New York planning to form a band, cut an album, and start touring. This was the idea and drive that fueled The Midnight Ghost Train’s engine.

As soon as Moss arrived in Buffalo he began to recruit members for the band. The original lineup consisted of Steve Moss on vocals and guitar, and friends Toby Cole on bass, and Jake Levin on drums. They weren’t yet sure on what direction they wanted to take their sound, and what genre to ordain to, but they knew their lives needed to be dedicated to music. Moss is a big early blues aficionado, so it was inevitable that the music would have strong roots in the blues. It was the hard rock side of their music that was most surprising since the band was not influenced by too much heavy music. “When I’m on stage I love to bang my head and feel the power of the roaring amps and drums behind me. It wouldn’t feel right any other way.” Steve says.

Steve MossWhen it came time to record their first EP, The Johnny Boy Ep, the band replaced their bass player, Cole, with Keith Harry-Carrey. This record was very diverse in sound. Ranging from heavy rock, straight blues, and even acoustic and piano driven songs. Once the record was finished, Moss started to book their first DIY U.S. tour. They had no idea how to do it, how they were going to afford it, or how to be successful at it, but they knew they needed to be on the road, live for the stage, and give up everything for it. Before the tour started, Keith was replaced by Moss’ old friend Brandon Burghart, because of Keith’s complications with being on the road. So Burghart, Levin, and Moss took off on the road in the summer of 2008, and started the first TMGT tour.

After two full U.S. tours drummer Levin was asked to leave the band, and bass player Burghart taught himself to play drums in order to fill the void. The bass was then filled in by friend Odie Lallo, this was the lineup for TMGT’s 2009 summer tour. On this tour they were playing brand new songs, and started writing what would become their first full length record. After this tour the band decided to relocate to Kansas, which is the home state of Burghart, and where Moss lived for seven years prior to the band forming. They felt it be best (and cheapest) if they recorded their new record on their own. So they got a house out in the country (outside of Topeka, KS), built a studio in the basement, and began recording and producing their 2009 self-titled release. Odie had medical complications with his hand, so he could no longer play with the band. As a result, Moss recorded the bass parts for the record. The album “blends gospel hymns of the sermon, down tuned rock and roll riffs of southern rock, and dark delta blues” -Metal Underground. The band wished for it to portray the honesty and passion of their live shows, which so many have come to admire.

After this release, it came time to get back on the road, so they had to find a new bass player. This is when they came across Topeka native David Kimmell. After so many band member changes and hard strips, the lineup was complete again. Burghart, Kimmell, and Moss, went back out on the road for a long period of touring. In 2010, they went on their first European tour, in which they were met with great success. They returned to Europe every year after that.

Brandon BurghartThe Midnight Ghost Train released their second full length album, Buffalo in 2012. It was rated “Greatest Stoner Rock Record of 2012” by Heavy Planet magazine. It was by far the best work from TMGT to date. The album was recorded and mixed completely analog at Chase Park Transduction by David Barbe. This explains the powerful and organic sound displayed on the album. TMGT recorded all the songs live in the studio, as to replicate the intensity of their live shows that they are known for. Buffalo is faster and more driving than their previous releases. The album was released by Louisville label, Karate Body Records. Soon after the release, bassist Kimmell left the band. The next year would be spent trying out different bass players on the road. In April of 2013, they played the Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Netherlands with friend Joseph Hester on bass. Shortly after, they released TMGT Live from Roadburn 2013, on Roadburn Records.

In May 2013, they found bassist Mike Boyne from Lafayette, Louisiana. He was the perfect bassist for TMGT. In 2014, TMGT signed with Austrian metal label, Napalm Records. This was a big step for them. Napalm released TMGT’s third full length album, Cold Was The Ground, in February of 2015. They returned to Chase Park Transduction for this one, and once again they recorded live on analog tape. The songs are more uptempo and structured than Buffalo, and engineer Dave Barbe had more influence on the production of the album. Overall a more mature and listenable album. The album single is titled BC Trucker.

No matter how big or small the crowd is you will never catch TMGT playing any less than to the best of their ability. Their live show has been reviewed as being one of the best of all times. So much soul and energy is put out when TMGT takes the stage. They play every show like it was their last, leaving buckets of sweat and blood in their path. This is not one of those bands that just stands around. This band makes sure to give the crowd what they deserve. They will take you for a ride, and you will not be able to look away. Their live show has become the pinnacle and well sought out experience of this band’s existence.

With nonstop touring in both the U.S. and Europe, TMGT now currently spends eight months a year on the road, playing as many shows as they can book.Their main goal is to spread their music through touring and hope to leave their artistic impression on the world. In 2010, Moss’ father and mentor died of a heart attack. His last words to Steve were “Don’t ever stop playing music no matter what. Push it as hard as you can.” These are the words that the band lives by. The Midnight Ghost Train will never stop, just continue to grow bigger and pick up speed. They will continue to tour, make records, and never fail to impress their fans and the world with their passion for music. The Midnight Ghost Train has given it all up for the stage. “We ain’t ever gonna stop, we’re just getting started,” says Steve Moss. This band is the ultimate eulogy for John Goff.

Valley of the Sun

There is a smoldering hotbed of Rock and Roll in the most unlikely of places; Ohio. Some time ago, the Devil came to sew his seed throughout the state leaving every city with it’s own High Priests of Hellish Riffs. The congregation of Cincinnati’s Church of Rock and Roll is watched over by Valley of the Sun, and a well tended flock they are. Riff after righteous riff is thrown from the pulpit with the fury of fire and brimstone, so come out to the Rock and Roll Revival , bring your offering and prepare to be anointed!



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