Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear have always avoided easy classification, preferring to tread their own inimitable path defined by energy and invention. “OMNI,” the Seattle-based band’s fourth full-length recording and debut Dangerbird Records release, sees a stunning evolution to their sound and vision. As evinced by the album’s all-encompassing title, Minus the Bear have merged their myriad influences into a sweeping collection marked by its slinky and sensual melding of city-stomping rock and deep funk grooves. That spirit of sonic lasciviousness is mirrored in the album’s raw take on human sexuality – a theme as intricate and elaborate as the band’s extraordinary music. Boldly experimental yet instantly accessible, “OMNI” is Minus the Bear’s most provocative and potent work to date.

The Velvet Teen

There are few bands out there that have been able to consistently churn out albums that are both appealing, but also challenging to the listener. The Velvet Teen are one of those few. For the past decade, founding members Judah Nagler and Josh Staples have been surprising their audience with exciting and incredibly dynamic music. Drummer Casey Dietz is the perfect blend of Keith Moon and drum machine, and recently added guitarist Matthew Izen is the ideal candidate to lay down the foundation over Judah and Josh's vocals. The most recent release, No Star (Side With Us Records), is a four song strong, no frills, straight up rocker of an EP. The Velvet Teen have never been willing to repeat themselves, and although No Star is definitely going to awaken nostalgic memories of Out Of The Fierce Parade, it is by no means a carbon copy.

Multiple tours of Japan, Europe, and the U.S. show just how far their voices can be heard, and it is certain they are not showing signs of slowing down. Their live show is always top notch, providing ear candy for those that are drawn to both their softer and edgier sides. A recently sold out album release show at Bottom of The Hill is testament to this, as they played for nearly an hour and a half, showcasing their entire catalog. If you've never seen The Velvet Teen live, you are in for a real treat. Be ready to move your feet, shout your heart out, have your ears pleasantly destroyed, and most likely have your mind blown.




10th Anniversary of the Minus the Bear album "Highly Refined Pirates"

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