INPUT | Sustain-Release Pre-Party with Convextion (Live), ITAL, Basic Soul Unit, Earthen Sea with Put In Werk in the Panther Room

Daniel Martin-McCormick aka Ital chops and skews classic house/techno through a liberating and unique soundworld. His tracks are panoramic, labyrinthine constructions that channel the dystopian visions of Drexciya and the industrial explorations of Chris & Cosey while never straying too far from a 4/4 mindset.

As one half of Thrill Jockey/Not Not Fun act Mi Ami Daniel brings a euphoric post-noise aesthetic into play, continually distorting, filtering and panning different channels to create amorphous, boundary-blurring productions, where voices from the ether and melted synth washes soar across the the soundfield. Dancefloors across Europe have been smitten by his tactile live set, from underground basements to festival mainstages as his sound/performance is a RUSH.

Ital has found a natural home on Mike Paradinas's wonderfully prolific bass haven Planet Mu (Rashad & Spinn, Kuedo, Konx-Om-Pax). New album Dream On was released in Autumn 2012, hot on the heels of his Mu debut Hive Mind, which drew praise from all quarters (see quotes below), and before that a run of 12"s on 100% SILK and his own Lover's Rock imprint (including a killer remix from kindred spirit Hieroglyphic Being). A new 12″ is due on Kassem Mosse's Workshop imprint shortly.
Recently he has been accompanied on tour by visual artist and Brooklyn warehouse party promoter Aurora Halal (Innergaze/100% SILK/Mutual Dreaming), takes dancefloors deeper with her synched up hall of mirrors projections. Bringing an arsenal of analog video equipment and cameras, she performs a live, super saturated and cosmic interactive video feedback immersion, combined with lights and fog.

Basic Soul Unit

Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit was born in Hong Kong and raised in
Toronto, where his musical tastes were formed under the influence of
the nearby dance music hubs. Taking in Chicago's jack, New York's
groove, and Detroit's machine soul, he augmented them with the
elements of jazz, funk and Brazilian rhythms which he picked up during
his years at Toronto's vinyl outlet Cosmo Records. Together these
parts have formed the unique sound of Basic Soul Unit, which has since
found its place on records released by such forward-thinking labels as
Ostgut Ton, Philpot, Versatile, Creme Organization and Mule Musiq.
Stuart's DJ sets showcase the full range of his diverse musical tastes
while keeping a firm grip on the dancefloor with heavy-hitting
shuffling house, crunchy techno and an occasional broken beat

Patrick Russell

Patrick Russell is a true veteran of the underground, perhaps one of the last unsung heroes of a now lost era in the Midwest. He magically transforms the diaspora of pure jack energy into a fluent sonic dialog that never fails to devastate the dance floor.

A Detroit-bred DJ, artist and producer since the early 90's, Patrick has now made Brooklyn his home. His resume highlights include everything from an exclusive opening for Jeff Mills in Detroit in 2007, performing at the 2001& 2008 DEMF/Movement festivals, to being a key figure in the now legendary No Way Back parties.

His consummate taste and ecstatic yet disciplined execution have created a respect that cannot be purchased. Patrick is not just one to watch, he is one to be experienced.

Heathered Pearls is the alias of Polish-born Jakub Alexander, music curator of the IS050 Blog, and founder of Moodgadget Records. Jakub has been DJing over a decade sharing residencies early on with globally recognized DJs Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott in Ann Arbor, MI then moved on to Brooklyn to play along side slow motion disco duo Worst Friends.

Jakub is known to share that crowd-pleasing hypnotic end of rhythmic day time disco, synth induced melodic electronic and swell filled post

rock but always comes back to disco.

The Heathered Pearls project isn't only a DJ alias; in 2011, Ghostly International's Ghostly Music Service released Jakub's debut LP Polite Isle, which included 3 EP's done in 2011 along with a couple of singles combined into one release.

In recent years he's played at the MoMA in Manhattan, held an exciting weekly at Brooklyn Bowl called "Soon To Be Innocent Fun" and has shared the bill with many musicians at The Glasslands and Cameo Gallery.

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