'The Way To You'

'The Way To You'

The way to the world for me is you.
So I go anywhere in this world
to be on the way to you.

Deserts Anpu (two sets)

Deserts Anpu (known as Zhang Xuan) is an alternative singer/songwriter, poet, and sound experimentalist.

Since sixteen, Deserts has started her singing career in live venues, and became well known among the indie music scene. Her live performance is enchanting to the audience. Often times, she shares her thoughts during the show, such as her views toward the minority group, her values of life, and some self-reflection, etc. Through her light and clear voice, Deserts’ works carried warmth to the world. They’ve touched and inspired many, which made her the soulful siren among music lovers. She is the Patti Smith of the Chinese music scene.

Deserts wants to meet music lovers all over the world under the name of Deserts Anpu. She wants to have a new kind of intimate conversation with different music scene. She’ll be there with her guitar, her unique way of performing, her warm voice, and all the thoughts weaved within her head. She wants to tell you some new stories. The story of life, of growth, of youth, of the ugliness, and of the promising. Deserts has been the window and inspiration to her audiences, and so many from everywhere yet has found the way to her view of this world. Now, she’s coming along the way to you.

Kuo Kuo

Kuo Kuo is the singer/bassist/guitarist of Taiwan-based bands Forests and Algae. He loves messing around with his instruments to create psychedelic noises, sometimes stumbling upon romantic melodies and vibrant songs.


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