Cloud Rat, Nervous Mothers, Recreant, WATER TORTURE

Cloud Rat

Three-piece grindcore ensemble from Michigan. Anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, pro-vegan.


recreant |ˈrekrēənt| archaic
(noun) a person who is unfaithful to a belief; an apostate.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French, literally 'surrendering,' present participle of recroire, from medieval Latin (se) recredere 'surrender (oneself),' from re- (expressing reversal) + credere 'entrust.'

b wanted to start a grindcore band, but cheddar got too amped and wrote some songs on guitar. then b got amped and got a practice spot and they pulled jesse in. then everything went to hell. but cheddar moved back and made the songs even better. after months of searching, half-hopelessly, tristan jennings walked into our lives and breathed fire into the tunes with his drum sticks of doom. everyone got better instantly; except jesse, because if jesse got any better at bass we would all combust. We have been trying to start this band for a year, and finally at the beginning of feb 2011 things started to come together. whorah! In conclusion, Cheddar wanted a screamo band, B wanted a grind band, Tristan wants a crust band, and Jesse wants a Metal band so we just throw it all together to make what we like to call swampcore.



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