"JOVANTAES are Lexington, Kentucky. They emerge from (and possibly define) my town's peculiar skate/Kraut/nihil/garage axis, evoking the smell of stale Miller High Life and burning couches: stumbling match-grip surf rolls, howling chorused-out guitar, droning Adderall haze, and a singer who makes Will Shatter sound like Scott Walker. Imagine Moolah playing at a beach party on the edge of the Kentucky River, big gray globs of unidentifiable garbage drifting silently past and the dense wet air becomes gridlocked with mosquitoes" - Trevor Tremaine (Hair Police)


Not much information exists online about Lexington's LIVE ISLAND, so perhaps the music just speaks for itself. Listen to them here: http://liveisland.bandcamp.com/.


Lexington, KY's MA TURNER is the man. Born in Louisville in 1977, MA TURNER is the guitarist/co-founder of Salad Influence, Human Process and CROSS as well as multi-instrumentalist/founder of Warmer Milks. Turner has been making art under various guises and styles since 1981. His upcoming release, ZOZ COLLECTION, was recorded between January-December of 2013 with the sole intention of keeping an “audio diary of the life that lies beyond human consciousness”, and “getting further in touch with the self through prayer and mediation via sound performance”. Incorporating various western and eastern styles, most of the material was loosely arranged and executed on the spot using improvisation/”automatic writing” techniques as well as “cut-up” and “blind recording” methods. Multiple tracks were recorded with no relation to one another, merely glued together last minute. Some showcase hours of recording multiple parts side by side and hours spent mixing while others consist of capturing a single sound in real time and then quickly tweaking afterward. ZOZ COLLECTION houses twelve cassettes cased inside a handmade wall hanging (constructed late 2013/early 2014) and feature eighty-three compositions, making up roughly six hours of sound. The tape covers as well as accompanying booklets have all been hand drawn, screened printed, collaged and painted by Turner throughout 2013. Said booklet contains extensive liner/technical notes as well as art and lyrics. To celebrate the collection, the ZOZ 12” vinyl compilation (featuring a track from every cassette) is being released via the Sophomore Lounge, Karmic Swamp and Brave Captain labels in February 2014.


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