The Festicle - Featuring Celebrity Chefs, Live Bands, Circus Performers

Spike Mendelson, Erik Bruner-Yang, and Tim Ma battle for the best balls

DC's first ever Celebrity Chef testicle cook off Top Chef style.

White Ford Bronco

Long a mere dream kicking around in the overactive imaginations of its founders, White Ford Bronco officially came into being in the Spring of 2008. Since then our five member ensemble has been sparking bouts of flannel-laden, slap-bracelet-snapping, pog-playing, big-butt-loving nostalgia across the Washington, D.C. area that we call home. If you're longing for the days when Danny Tanner could solve everything with a hug and presidential scandals only involved ruining a marriage, allow us to take you on a musical journey to that magical last decade of the 20th century. Whatever flavor -- be it Alternative, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, or Country -- if it's 90s, we'll play it.

Micro Wrestling Federation

Micro Wrestling Federation is the original Midget Wrestling mayhem that won people's hearts. These guys are masters at putting on a successful show that will keep everyone talking and eagerly awaiting the next event! There's nothing quite as magical as seeing a midget fly through the air.


Black Masala is an eclectic eight-piece group of Washington, DC based musicians from a diverse variety of musical traditions and backgrounds. The band is comprised of members from Thievery Corporation, See-I, and Yellow Dubmarine. Featuring a wide array of instruments from tuba to accordion to trombone to big vocals, the band's music features a mix of sounds that draw inspiration from the melodies of Eastern European brass bands, New Orleans Jazz and Funk, Balkan grooves, Ska and Reggae dancehall, and even a hint of Appalachian twang. …Expect a party!

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is a punk outfit with hardcore leanings – a sound similar to that of D.C. hardcore pioneers, Minor Threat and Bad Brains with nods to Agnostic Front. Pretty much all you need to get battered and bruised after a solid live performance. The album, "Paper Tigers", offers an incredible mix of hardcore, East Coast punk, along with some funk vibes.

Tennis System

Sharing their namesake with a song by predecessor noise pop group The Lilys, TENNIS SYSTEM are keeping the legacies of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain alive with their expansive, catchy-as-hell pop songs. Matty Taylor and Misha Bullock are masters of loud and dirty anthems, but rising above the noise that blankets them are Taylor's beautifully sung, dreamy lyrics inspired by both love and art, from the drawings of Egon Schiele to the writing of Aldous Huxley.Teenagers, the group's second LP, was released by Kill/Hurt in December of 2011.

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