Mr. Bill/ Schlang/ Esseks

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill is an established pseudonym known by many in the electronic music industry and its fan base. Not only as a prolific contributor to the understanding and betterment of his profession (tutorials and workshops available) but as also a celebrated performer and composer.Determined not to be pinned to one particular styling, listeners will embark on a genre tripping odyssey, a paradoxical foray into the slinky funk fueled world of 8bit saturated Glitch Hop.


Schlang is the pseudo-scientific meta-music brainfruit of Supersillyus & Space Jesus. The two producers, who have recently relocated to Brooklyn, teamed up to create unique music by knitting time into a sweater and lighting it on fire. Their début release, "Little Information Deposits" takes the listener on an aggressive and beautifully perplexing journey with highly stylized production. Their live sets are organized chaos at its finest, using a variety of instruments and guest performers. Each song serves up a multitude of highly inventive psychoactive elements.

Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and artist that creates emotionally driven electronic music and art. He also plays guitar and produces for the band Technicolor Lenses. While Sam has been recording music for _ years, he only began experimenting with electronic music 3 years ago after being exposed to the massive sounds and extreme level of control made possible by electronic mediums. This musical awakening prompted him to start Technicolor Lenses with Jackson Whalan in 2011. Since the release of his first solo effort "Hair and Nails" in April 2012 Esseks has shared the stage with range of artists including Ott and the All Seeing I, An-Ten-Nae, Dynasty Electric, D.V.S.*, Srikalogy, LowRIDERZ, Govinda and Mike Greenfield of Lotus. His music is influenced by a variety of styles from J Dilla inspired hip hop beats to heavy bass fueled dubstep to house and even blues and swing. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks' signature basses and synths, creating a sound all his own.

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