"When Worlds Collide Tour" featuring D.R.I.

The DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES' history begins on May 2, 1982 around 4:00pm, in the city of Houston, TX. It was on this day that the musically aggressive quartet we now know as D.R.I. made their first Dirty Rotten noise and called it a song. Back then it was Spike Cassidy (guitar), Kurt Brecht (vocals), Eric Brecht (drums), and Dennis Johnson (bass).

The group started practicing at Kurt and Eric's parents home, where the brothers lived amongst the "Madman" (their father). They practiced a few nights a week around 5:00pm, just as the "Madman" would be on his way home from a hard day at work. He would open his front door only to be blasted with 120db of the band's horrendous attempt to make music. The "Madman" would then pound on their jam room door until he was let in so that in turn, he could throw them out of his house calling them such things as "... you bunch of dirty rotten imbeciles". This is how D.R.I. got their name.

Two months later, on July 2, 1982, the band played their first show at Joe Star's OMNI, in Houston.

On November 6th & 7th of 1982 D.R.I. recorded their first release, the Dirty Rotten EP, stuffing 22 songs into 18 minutes on a 7" EP that played at 33 rpm's. Only 1000 copies of this EP version were pressed, making it now a very rare collector's item. Demand caused this EP to be pressed into a 12" LP version, released in 1983, appropriately called Dirty Rotten LP. Leaving the underground music scene thriving for more, Dirty Rotten LP became a major success and also an inspiration for many new bands at the time. Soon after, D.R.I. was labeled the fastest band in the world.


The Screamin' Yeehaws

What's that loud, rude noise you hear comin' outta them speakers of that dirty rock club you've been afraid to go in all yer piddly little life? It ain't your Momma's eight track collection and it ain't your Daddy's doo-wop. It's THE SCREAMIN YEEHAWS dammit. SoCal revved up and ugly SouthernFriedPunkRawk at its finest.

Get ready cause these boys are comin to a town near you, wherever the hell yall are. Fronted by former Red Eye Gravy drummer Nick Bone, who was born and bred on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, the band is an aggressive blend of honky-tonk and rocknroll topped off with a punk angst that's sure to get yer ass movin', feet tappin, and dizzy as a longtail cat in a room full of rockin' chairs.

On guitar is none other than Silent Henry of Pawnshop Cowboys fame, Noisepie and a slew of other San Diego bands. Same story for Ernie on the four string sonofabitch. Ernie has played with several local,national and international acts including The Whiskey Dicks,Deadly Squad of the Deadly Rhythm, White Coffin Terror and The Spyderz as well as being a respected hired gun. Backing Ernie up on the skins, Double Barrel Darryl, previously with bands SFT outta Las Vegas.

With 2 full-length 13 track recordings, "THREE CHORDS AND A CLOUD OF DUST" and "THE BOTTLE AND THE BAND" and slated for recording more material, the boys have quickly become a hot ticket both locally and regionally. Anyhoo...the fellas debut was Mar. 6th, 2004, opening for punk legends Agent Orange here in San Diego and the response was a resounding "gawddamn...yew boys kick ass!!!"

Since their debut, the boys have shared the stage with other national acts including Throwrag, Manic Hispanic, Peter Pan SpeedRock and Wayne Hancock just to name a few. They've turned heads in Austin, New Orleans, Hollywood, San Francisco, Las Vegas, hell, they've turned heads in trailer parks in the middle of nowhere.

They've befriended every local act from San Fran to New Orleans and traveled the whole West Coast quadrant including TX, AZ, NV, No.CA, OR, WA, been through the South, recently finished two East Coast tours and preparing to head back out. Collecting fans one beer and one bruise at a time, it's pretty damn certain you'll be hearing alot about THE SCREAMIN YEEHAWS. If you see this act live and don't feel inclined to "scream yeehaw" absolutely guilt free ...we'll kiss yer ass. We don't expect to be puckerin' up anytime soon.

Vlad Arthur

$20 adv - $22 day of


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