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Looking down and fiddling with his guitar while preparing for a solo set, Roman Kuebler of the Oranges Band, was not exactly inspired. He was helping out a friend’s band who was in Baltimore and needed an opener but solo sets never were his thing. In fact, during his one and only solo tour of the US, the highlights were state parks and skate bowls, not late nights in empty clubs. Luckily, on this night in Baltimore, Roman looked up from his tuner to see Pat Martin and Lee Ashlin, The Oranges Band rhythm section, at the bar waiting for the show to start. Luckier still, the band after Roman had set up their equipment before he took the stage, leaving unattended drums and bass gear ready to be hijacked. A couple of shrugged shoulders and encouraging words later and The Oranges Band, who hadn’t played since their Ten Year Anniversary shows in 2010, were stumbling through a raucous collection of Oranges Band classics.

There's a section of Brooklyn known as Windsor Terrace that, these days, can accurately be described as a leafy indie-rock retirement community--so while it wasn't exactly Palomar's plan to reunite as residents, after a few run-ins with past members at the Elk's Club, overcome by a mixture of geographic laziness and nostalgia, they hatched a plan for a show to benefit their kids' neighborhood school, PS 154. After the wild hijinks of the benefit show at the Bell House, there could only be more to follow. Thus, Palomar will be doing this short East-Coast string of dates in their semi-original lineup, with drummer Matt Houser (Franklin Bruno & the Human Hearts, Overlord), plus Rachel, Christina, and Sarah. They’ll be playing songs from the first three albums, Palomar I, Palomar II, and Revenge of Palomar (Palomar III), with a possible new song or two thrown in for good measure.

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