Laetitia Sadier (from Stereolab and Monade/Drag City)

Laetitia Sadier (from Stereolab and Monade/Drag City)

Lætitia Sadier is a French musician best-known as the singer of Stereolab. Sadier was working as a nanny when she met McCarthy guitarist Tim Gane at a gig in Paris during the late 1980s. Sadier was disillusioned with the rock scene in France, and soon moved to London to be with Gane and to pursue her career. She contributed vocals to McCarthy's second and third albums. The band broke up in 1990 and she and Gane immediately formed Stereolab. For the first incarnation of the band, they enlisted ex-Chills bassist Martin Kean, drummer Joe Dilworth and Gina Morris on backing vocals. While Tim Gane has written the bulk of the music in Stereolab, Sadier is the main contributor of lyrics, written in both English and French. Sadier also plays keyboards, percussion, guitar and trombone.

Sam Prekop (Sea & Cake/Thrill Jockey)

Sam Prekop is known to most as the singer and songwriter of The Sea and Cake. He is a painter of some renown, a photographer and in addition he has released two solo albums of pop songs infused with his own blend of African and Brazilian guitar rhythms. Old Punch Card, his first solo effort since 2005, takes a dramatically unexpected turn away from either of these paths. Prekop described the move thus, "I'd have to say this record is pretty much unlike anything else I've done. There's some relation to music I made for my book "Photographs" but really only in instrumentation. The intro to The Sea and Cake's David Bowie cover of "Sound and Vision", on One Bedroom is an early precedent. The most significant difference, is that I've left the confines of "song" structure." The LP and CD each come in an edition of hand painted covers. "In painting the covers I found an appropriate shorthand to describing the music or re-imagining it. Start with nothing and without deduction an image appears reflecting only itself, the music arrived similarly." said Prekop.

Redgrave (Lovitt Records)

Redgrave is Angie Mead (guitar, vox) and Stephen Howard (drums), a rock duo from Chicago.

Mead started writing and recording Redgrave songs in marathon stretches beginning August 2010 from her home in Chicago after furniture was moved into storage and replaced with recording equipment, drums and guitars. What started out as her scratch demos recorded through the audio of the video function from an old iPod Nano has since become a distinctive, cohesive 2-piece rock outfit.

Mead sent these demos to Chicago musician Stephen Howard (Pinebender, Ambulette) after wanting him to be her drummer for nearly years. They’ve been playing together as Redgrave since January, 2011.

Tim Rutili of Califone/Red Red Meat fame lends his guitar prowess to the track Gone to Wither, featured on the Redgrave debut 7″ (Lovitt Records, 9-26-11 ) with art design by David Yow, produced by Stephen Howard, recorded and mixed by Greg Norman at his studio in Chicago.

Hailing from Chicago, but having roots firmly planted in the realm of the spirit, Vapor Eyes traverses the different dimensions of urban and electronic soundscapes whenever he hits the studio, stage or booth. His catalogue has displayed a unique and heartfelt approach to production, rhyming and spoken word compositions. Also of note are his diverse high energy live and DJ sets that have been known to engage audiences and push boundaries far beyond the current trends. With a rapidly growing discography between his own work and the BOOMJUICE project, there seems to be no halt. Vapor's new full-length solo album "It's Moving So Fast It's Standing Still" is packed with futuristic and psychedelic electronic based hip-hop, and is slated for a March 2011 release.

Vapor Eyes has had the privilege of sharing stages with Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, Lyrics Born, Digable Planets, Keys & Krates, Lynx, Psalm One, Le Castle Vania, DZ, Does It Offend You Yeah?, 2020 Soundsystem and many more.



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