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Reagan Youth

Reagan Youth had always consisted of two permanent band mates. DAVE INSURGENT on vocals and PAUL CRIPPLE on guitar (1980-1989)

The original rhythm section came by CHARLIE TRIPPER when all three attended Forest Hills High school. Charlie brought ANDY APATHY in on bass. This line up band played during the the initial N.Y.H.C. scene until Andy drove Dave nuts and was fired (1980-81).

AL PIKE replaced Andy on bass and Reagan Youth 'traded' drummers with The Abused, obtaining STEVE, arguably the band's best musician, as the drummer. It was this line up
that recorded Reagan Youth's initial release, an e.p. called "Youth Anthems for the New Order' released fall of 1984.

By 1984 Steve left to go to college and was replaced with Rick Royale. Al Pike wouldn't tour and was replaced by Viktor Venom who would be the last bassist Reagan youth had This was the band's third rhythm section, which made it mark by going out West and playing gigs up and down the west coast, using San Francisco as their main base during July and August of 1984.

Rick Royale left in 1985 after one final gig opening for the Ramones at L'amours in Brooklyn. The band continued with Johnny Aztec on drums but Viktor Venom informed Reagan Youth he wouldn't play a final show thus making his departure.

Even before 1987 Dave and Paul had begun working on anew project known as HOUSE OF GOD. They had Johnny Aztec play drums while searching for his replacement as their new musical direction deemed it a necessity. Dave and Paul were introduced to Chris Simunek who became, by far, the best bassist Dave and Paul ever played with. So House Of God played 4 shows, recorded 7 songs on an 8 track demo by Jay from Giant Studios during 1988. In that same year Reagan Youth released Volume I, which had the 7 alternate versions of the songs from 'Youth Anthems Of The New Order' and added three other songs to fill it out into a l.p. format. In 1989 Dave, Paul and Javier, along with Viktor, went into Toxic Studios to record one last album, Volume II, That final album comprised all of the songs that Reagan youth had played live yet never recorded. Unfortunately the disease of addiction overtook Dave and he ended up in the hospital getting a frontal lobotomy at Bellevue hospital, and this right after on the same night he sung each and every song (some had two takes and that's why many songs have two vocal tracks) before leaving and never coming back to fix vocals and mix the record. But this time Dave didn't disappear on a mission to go find drugs, he was fighting for his life while being in a coma for over a week. After Dave recovered he was never the same after that brutal beating from a drug dealer he owed $500 to. And that's how the passion of the music, the lyrics, the artwork and everything that was so important in the hearts and minds of Dave, and Paul as well, ended. Dave and Paul had started playing in a punk band called PUS back in Russell Sage Junior High, reincarnated that band into Reagan Youth during high school and when they peaked as men in the mid twenties, Dave and Paul were getting ready to take on the higher authority of organized religion, not as youth but as men, under the band moniker House Of God. That all ended after Dave's frontal lobotomy and nothing happened until Dave took his own life on July 3rd, 1994. Paul spent the 90's sedating his hurt away by injecting lower east side heroin.

In 2006 Paul went on the internet and remebered not just the horrific ending, but saw how much Dave's message of Anarchy and Unity + Peace had actually mattered to some real fans. If it wasn't for the internet Paul would have continued to believe the band's he played with Dave were failures, but people's testimonials to the band's music and message changed his mind. When some punk rocker Paul had met while both were in rehab, the punk rocker booked a show without Paul's knowledge. Paul went along with it because, it's just punk rock, so he taught the easiest songs in the two weeks he had and perfromed them for the first time in 18 years with three musicians that he'd just met. Right after Paul got in touch with Al Pike (from Volume I) and Johnny Aztec (from Volume II) and started playing shows again. Paul then asked the band to help him write one final album, about the life and times of Dave Insurgent, but was met with pettiness and bullshit. Eventually Paul replaced those guys with other guys, who got replaced with other guys, who got replaced by some other guys, etc, etc, etc. In all honesty, if you weren't one of the band's musicians back during the 80's, when Dave Insurgent was fronting the band, then it's weak to say you're "the drummer", or even worse "the singer. Dave Insurgent is the only singer for Reagan youth, everyone else after just sang his words with his melodies. As for all the others that played in the band since 2006, all they did was insist on playing the songs the exact opposite way Dave Insurgent insisted they be played, so it's not at all important to mention their names, except for CURRENT MEMBERS: CURRENT BASSIST, TIBBIE X - CURRENT DRUMMER, VINCE.

Systematic Abuse

Formed in 2008 out of the ashes of The Resentments, Hammer, Grim, and Dogol decided to pick up where the last band left off and continue their quest on the path of Hardcore destruction. After searching long and hard for a drummer that would fit our style, Hammer decided to give his old buddy and ex band mate, Kevin Castillio (Dingo) a call. After one jam session in Dogol's garage in Imperial Beach, it was then and there that we realized Dingo would be the perfect fit for what we were trying to accomplish. After a couple years of shows and a few mini tours we decided to ask our long time friend and brother in Hardcore, Match to stand in as a second vocalist for the band. It only seemed right considering he named it. After 6 years of countless shows, a few more mini tours, a million laughs, and goodtimes and good memories... Kevin decided that it was his time to leave Systematic due personal matters. His unique Hardcore "Dingo-Beat" style that gave us our signature sound will surely be missed, But not as much as the good times we shared on the road and jamming in that tiny room. WE LOVE YA DINGO!

Now we are on the next chapter of our journey and behind us pumping out the fastest and meanest fucking beat we've had is, Adam Cripe. He is a hardworking, asskicking motherfucker with unbelievable talent. Systematic Abuse is louder and faster than we've ever were before. We are unstoppable and will continue banging out the same Hardcore Thrash shit that we've always loved playing.


A mix of Orange County and San Diego punk from Oceanside, CA.
Born on the west coast, Discitizens keep the California in the California Punk Scene.

Kodiak is a San Diego based hardcore strike force aimed at providing face melting rock and roll. The band is known for their technical guitar work, relentless fills and high energy live performances. Since their formation in 2011, Kodiak has quickly emerged as one of the most promising hardcore acts in the Southern California music scene. Their upcoming album has been widely compared to The Bronx, Red Fang and a No Country for Old Men coin toss. Stay tuned.

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