Singer, songwriter, film director, writer, father of two sons. Luciano Ligabue represents the most renowned and credible personification of rock music in Italy in the latest quarter of the century. Born in Correggio in 1960, he made his official debut when he was thirty years old, with the album Ligabue, making one of the most successful debuts in the history of the Italian recording industry and proving himself worthy since the beginning thanks to a formula capable of combining a straightforwardly rock attitude with the narrative finesse of a singer-songwriter. During his artistic carrier, he has developed an unparalleled relationship with his audience: his live activity has been characterized by several achievements, starting from his first tour, which lasted three years non-stop (from 1990 to 1993), with 250 concerts around Italy. At the end of this first phase of his career, Ligabue changed the layout of his band completely and brought forth an album destined to leave a profound trace in popular culture: in 1995, Buon Compleanno Elvis sells over a million copies, remains among the top-selling albums for 15 months and every single one of its tracks is played by the Italian radio stations. The seal of this extraordinary period is another live "fist performance", in the temple of soccer (and of rock music), of the San Siro arena, in the summer of 1997: a show that legitimates him as an high-class performer. Almost at the same time, Ligabue makes his debut - super successful as well - as a writer (with the collection of short stories ‘Fuori e Dentro il Borgo’, published in 1997, winner of the Elsa Morante award) and as a film director (‘Radiofreccia’, blockbuster in 1998 and winner of 3 David di Donatello awards and of 2 Nastri d’Argento awards). His extra-musical successes are not fortuitous, as confirmed by the further performances, and underline a carrier which still finds in the "live performance experience" its most authentic celebration. In 2005, at the same time as the release of the eight studio album Nome e Cognome, is celebrated, at the Capovolo arena of Reggio Emilia, in the land where Ligabue poetics and aesthetics are deeply rooted, an event which will remain in history: on September 10th, 165.264 people attend the concert that marks "Liga's" return and breaks the European record for tickets sold by a single artist. During the following season, Ligabue reaches a record-breaking share of public by developing an unbelievable tour which takes him to 4 different types of locations (clubs, indoor sport arenas, stadiums and theaters) with 4 different shows, that register a striking series of sold-out: an exception that becomes the rule in the following years. In 2010 Arrivederci, Mostro! is released, associated, as always, to a series of concerts that allow him to conquer the Tour dell’Anno award. As an additional treat, on September 5th 2013, the video and the single of the song ‘Il sale della terra’ are released as a sneak-peek of the tenth album “Mondovisione”: the most mature work of an artist able to look the crowd in the eyes, to tell stories about each and every one of us, to write songs that truly resemble "quel vizio che non si vuol smettere mai” ("that bad habit that you would never want to quit").

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