The Girls (Alison Brie, Cyrina Fiallo, & Julianna Guill), Jones Street Station

The Girls (Alison Brie, Cyrina Fiallo, & Julianna Guill)

THE GIRLS: who sing other people’s songs (and sometimes their own) are a Los Angeles based trio performing songs of a semi-impromptu, occasionally humorous, always harmonious nature. Featuring Cyrina Fiallo, Julianna Guill, and Alison Brie, THE GIRLS will woo you with tunes by some of their favorite artists including The Boss, Queen, Dolly Parton and maybe even some Weezer.

Jones Street Station

Jones Street Station is a music collective with members in Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The group has recorded several full length albums, and in the Fall will release the 52 songs produced during their Perennials project as well as a full length traditional bluegrass album.


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