Cleveland, Ohio's SomeKINDAwonderful make raw, rock-inflected R&B centered around lead vocalist Jordy Towers. The group formed after Towers, formerly signed to Interscope Records, parted ways with the label and relocated to the suburbs of Cleveland from Los Angeles. Working at a local bar, Towers met drummer Ben Schigel and guitarist Matt Gibson, and SomeKindaWonderful were born. In 2014 they released the single "Reverse," which garnered airplay on Los Angeles' KROQ, reaching number five on the station's most played list of songs. Their self-titled debut appeared in June of that year.

Clones of Clones

Clones of Clones are a pop-rock/alternative band from Washington, DC. The group originated with Nick Scialli and Ben Payes, who have been making music together for years. Brian Abbott and Todd Evans later joined, helping to create a fusion of sounds that are reminiscent of 90s alternative rock. Their music speaks across generations, characterized by the driving melodies and anthem-charged choruses that energize audiences everywhere.



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