The Mast

"Brooklyn-based duo The Mast’s high-energy electro-pop seemed to instantly magnetize people to the stage…the venue was completely packed with blissed-out dance enthusiasts thoroughly hypnotized by the primal beats and astral sound effects." - CMJ

"The Mast play futuristic-electro pop inspired by early IDM and experimental beat music - James Blake on mescaline" - Village Voice

"[The Mast] casts a beguiling spell." - Pitchfork

The Mast is vocalist and instrumentalist Haleh Gafori and percussionist and beatsmith Matt Kilmer. Merging live electronics, vocals, and percussion, The Mast creates a full-spectrum sonic experience that features “Haleh’s phenomenally powerful, nuanced, and hypnotic voice and Matt’s gorgeous deft beats (both sequenced and live)” (Wompblog). Influenced by early IDM, post dubstep, and experimental beat music as well as acts like Mount Kimbie and Bonobo, The Mast delivers a warm and inviting sound that booms through the subwoofers, propels the body to dance, and soaks the mind in a bath of endorphins.

In their shows, where they have performed alongside Foster the People, Reggie Watts, Blonde Redhead, and Teebs, Matt and Haleh incorporate live electronics, drumming, and vocal improvisation, preserving the spontaneity they cultivated as instrumentalists. "So unique and crisp is their sound, culled from a range of electronic genres, that their fans swarm to be an extended part of the show, transforming it from a performance into a dance fest" (XO Magazine).

The Mast released their full length album "Pleasure Island" in January, 2014. They've released a series of highly acclaimed videos for the album which they directed, edited, and sometimes filmed themselves for tracks "Luxor," "So Right," and "UpUpUp."

NYC favorites + homies 4 lyfe + 'Changes. Pt. 2' album, now with 2 million+ streams on Spotify

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