The Enchanted Organ

Think opera is just for stuffy bluehairs or Fifth Avenue socialites? Those who only know the stereotype of opera as the “fat lady singing” in a Viking helmet may not realize just how diverse, edgy, and modern an art form opera can be—and always has been. Come out and have your eyes (and ears) opened wide by an evening of Opera Burlesque mounted by NYC’s own Alt-Diva Sarah Screams! You just might be helping to save an Endangered Species…

Sarah and her team of Op-Erotic Performers are also DELIGHTED to be sharing the stage with the amazing cast and creators of ‘The Enchanted Organ: A Porn Opera’. Composer, Gordon Beeferman, and Librettist, Charlotte Jackson, will be providing a sneak-peak of their edgiest Opera yet. It celebrates sexuality and satirizes the porn industry, all while spoofing the Classics.

So come join us as we shine a new light on the Nitty-Gritty-titty side of opera. Sit back, have a cocktail, and let the shenanigans commence!

$15.00 - $35.00

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