Tombs (Savage Gold record release!), Pyrrhon, StatiqBloom, Passage Between

American metal band based in Brooklyn, NY.


PYRRHON (pronounced "peer-on") is an experimental metal band from New York City. They formed in 2008 after a chance meeting on a subway platform, and have been honing their increasingly twisted take on the genre ever since. They have five official releases to their name so far: 2009's Fever Kingdoms EP, 2011's An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master, 2014's The Mother Of Virtues, 2015's Growth Without End EP, and 2016's Running Out Of Skin EP. They have also recorded two demos and toured extensively in North America and Europe.

Passage Between

From Baltimore Maryland. Keeping in line with what would have kept Reptilian Records proud. A large scattered, cathartic blend of Neurosis, GYBE, and Botch



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