Cakes Da Killa

Recording Artist Cakes Da Killa steps on the scene with a fresh look, sound, and indisputable lyrics to match a big personality. Cakes is the first of his kind, and is taking the New York recording industry by storm.

Evan Sutton has been making experimental music for close to a decade. Making the journey to the east coast from Southern California in 2005, he cut his teeth composing electronic music in an academic setting.
Today, his heart is set on the dancefloor. Combining a variety of influences, including hip hop, electro, techno, and funk, he wants to get you busy

TT The Artist

From sketchbooks to rhymes performer, filmmaker, creative director, community artist and designer, Tt The Artist prepares to paint the world with visual language. Through art and music, this artist creates a well-blended sound of hip hop, pop, club and electronic digital music. Tt's stories connected with her new sounding rhythm separates her from the current wave of trendy musical acts. Her vibrant, thought-provoking, party-starting, cross between singing and rap is sure to paint a new spectrum of colors to the music scene.

Mighty Mark

Thunderbird Juicebox

Every now and then there is a happening that signals a shift in American culture. During a time when popular music has been reduced to mostly formula and process, Emmanuel Moss p.k.a. DDm, effortlessly breaks that mold. The Baltimore native, who made his name on the local battle rap circuit, manages to straddle the fence between cool kid and weirdo with a charming accessibility. In 2009 DDm experienced a personal rebirth which brought about a fresh and unique dynamic to his artistry. Fusing together baltimore club, hip hop and ball culture, the self proclaimed renegade, is garnering significant critical acclaim with his mixtape series 'Muse: A Collection Of Cool'. The hypnotic lead single 'Velvet Limousine', with its sassy chorus and drum and bass influenced production, is a catchy and witty ode to the female anatomy. Featured in the CityPaper for the tracks accompanying music video, Dappa Dan Midas (DDm) is being championed as the most significant vocalist for Baltimore club since local legends Ms. Tony and Jimmy Jones. After several career stalls, including a bout with homelessness, he is finally ready to present his debut solo project 'American Graffiti'. Coined as a mixture of celebration and reflection, the ten song set is highly anticipated in the DMV.


Baltimore veterans .rar Kelly and Lemz come together as Normaling. They can read each other’s minds. They usually find themselves making music while in parallel moods. Call it chance or fate, but this conscious connection results in the kind of kinetic music and live performances that plays like a conversation between people who know each other very well. Their six track Corpus Callosum EP ties together strains of Baltimore club, house, techno, ambient, dancehall, hip-hop and Miami bass with some left-brain/right-brain tension.

$7.00 - $10.00


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