Exhumed Films presents the Forgotten Film Festival!


For more info on this screening, please visit ihphilly.org/exhumed

Exhumed Films was founded in 1997 by Dan Fraga, Joseph A. Gervasi, Harry Guerro and Jesse Nelson as an organization dedicated to presenting rare and obsure horror and exploitation films. They are firmly committed to screening film prints in their programming because "The look, the texture, of film is really important. What makes it unique is that it’s very fragile. Every time you’re playing it, it’s getting a little worse. Oftentimes, the films that we’re showing is different than what’s on video--there’s a little bit missing here, there’s a little bit added there--so we felt like film from the beginning and we want to stick with film until the end." Since 2005, Exhumed Films's primary venue has been International House Philadelphia, although they sometimes make use of other venues as well. Visit them at ExhumedFilms.com.

$15.00 - $20.00


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