INPUT | Star Slinger, Samo Sound Boy, Tony Quattro + More with Poolside (DJ Set), Pixelated, Alex English in the Panther Room

Star Slinger

Star Slinger is an Electronic project created by Nottinghamshire born Darren Williams. It all started in April 2010 when he re-ignited his love for record-shopping in Manchester's Northern Quarter. The name Star Slinger was born when he sampled BT Express' instrumental B Side "Cowboy Dancer". He often names his creations with word association towards the sample he uses.

By June 2010 Darren had pieced together his first LP "Volume 1". Some tracks were reportedly made in the comfort of his own bed in the early hours. Others made not long after waking. Darren believes that routine and weekend culture aren't his forte, and creating music at any given moment is how he approaches this project.

Meantime in June, Darren began collaborating with Ambient producer Teams (Knoxville, TN). Together they worked on an EP, sending stems via soundcloud and were approached shortly after by the popular Brooklyn-based label Mexican Summer to release a 12" as Teams vs. Star Slinger. The S/T EP will be out early 2011.

Skip to August 2010 Star Slinger is also in demand with the indie community. Small Black championed his Remix of their song "Photojournalist". The blogosphere championed his Unofficial Remix of Deerhunter's "Helicopter" and has since been approached for Official Remix Work from some of his longtime favourite bands, including Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts) , The Morning Benders (Rough Trade) & The Go! Team (Memphis Industries).

Darren has also formed a collaboration group with Emay (Rapper/Producer from Toronto) and Blackbird Blackbird (Dream-Pop artost from San

Francisco) called Seeing Suge. They have a 7" EP featuring their track "Breaking" and a solo track from each artist in the group. TBC on Beachtapes label 2011.

Darren is working on a new Record called Volume 2: Jetpack Jam, which should be out by early 2011. Confirmed songs on the album are Longtime & May I Walk With You.

Samo Sound Boy

Samo Sound Boy is a Los Angeles-based producer and DJ whose powerful live sets and original productions have brought him to the forefront of today's forward-minded club scene. Having earned his chops DJing at Fugees 99, a Nigerian-owned dancehall in the south end of Buenos Aires, Samo compounded influences picked up there with a love of crunk, club, and Chicago house. The result remains a uniquely rugged but soulful sound of his own. In addition to having released an array of highly acclaimed remixes and original material, Samo started his own label, Body High, with Jerome Potter in 2011. Furthermore, the two partnered together to produce a side project under the name DJ Dodger Stadium. Moving full speed ahead as a producer, DJ, and label head, Samo is only getting started spreading his club aesthetic that Chicago journalist Dave Quam described as: "Weird, banging, and beautiful. Like a shortwave radio recording of all the best stations at once."


New york native Tony Quattro has established himself on the local scene, signed to Legendary New York Label 'Trouble and Bass' along with Sheffield's 'Bad Taste Records'. His records referencing a variety of styles but settling at none, taking the garage template from the likes of Zed Bias but washing it with the deeper tones of Huxley, Tony Quattro has developed a sound of his own. With continued support from the likes of Diplo and A-Trak, we think Tony Quattro is in the perfect position to blow-up.

Young Marco

Amsterdam native DJ, producer and certified dude Young Marco has been on the forefront of the city's bustling underground scene for nearly a decade. Coming up through several, now infamous residencies, he quickly gained notoriety for his genre-defying and ballsy DJ sets with a unique take on dance music, playing everything from lost proto-house and raw jaktrax to Libyan disco anthems.

Having being schooled by Amsterdam's finest working day to day for Rush Hour, 2012 was the year Marco's reputation reached further afield with just a couple of killer EPs, leaving his name on the tip of most DJs' tongues. After releasing several records on Rush Hour he soon found a home on our previous guest's and one of our favourite DJ's label, Lovefingers' ESP Institute, where he continues to craft his signature zonked out house sound filled with broken drum computers and uncool 90's new-age synthesizers - in a world of it's own, which people are associating with the NYC cult label.

His releases are already becoming sought after collectables with the likes of Dixon and James Murphy dropping "Darwin In Bahia" (Click below) famously at Boiler Room, soughting out many a curious listener. His growing number of remixes range from fellow ESP heads Soft Rocks and Michael Ozone to Afro legend Francis Bebey with many more in the pipeline. Latest singles Later Than U Think / Video Days have already established themselves as top tunes of 2012. Young Marco is currently busy touring and writing with 2013 set for more singles and remixes, a live show and his long awaited debut album on the ESP Institute.

Poolside like to do things literally. The Los Angeles duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise named their "daytime disco" project after their poolside home studio. (They aspire to parlay their success into DJing high-end pool parties.) And "daytime disco" happens to be a highly accurate description of their upcoming debut album, Pacific Standard Time-- over an hour of supine and serotonin-spiked grooves that are simultaneously utilitarian and engrossing. It's music for when you're too comfortably situated in a beach chair to dance, but you certainly wouldn't mind watching other people do it.

After years of toughing it out as studio rats and sidemen, the pair began Poolside as an expectation-free reaction to the MDMA-laced electro they found themselves alienated by as DJs. The Danish-born Nikolic played bass in Junior Senior and Ima Robot, started the short-lived nu-rave duo Guns N' Bombs, and co-produced the most recent Bonde Do Rolê album. Paradise DJ'd in San Francisco after a stint in the Calculators, the band that would spawn the Rapture. In Poolside, Nikolic became the singer because it was easy, and if James Murphy didn't start dropping their Balearic cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" in his DJ sets earlier this year, they'd probably have called it a day. "We were slightly drunk when we were making the album-- it's very relaxed in that sense," says Nikolic. "I think it translates."

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