Since 2002, TEEN's lead singer/songwriter, Teeny Lieberson, has been playing in bands around New York City, eventually becoming the keyboard player for the indie-psych band Here We Go Magic in 2008. During a hiatus from the band in the winter of 2009, Teeny wrote a five-song EP Little Doods, the foundation of TEEN's full-length, In Limbo. Working with many of the songs written that winter with the desire to expand the sound from four-track/lo-fi to a fully flushed out sound, Teeny recruited her sisters, Lizzie and Katherine, along with long- time friend, Jane Herships and best friend since childhood, Maia Ibar, to become members of TEEN.

TEEN spent the summer of 2011 recording In Limbo in Maia's family barn in rural Connecticut, engineered by Jen Turner of Here We Go Magic.

In Limbo was mixed and produced in collaboration with producer Pete Kember (Spacemen 3 / Spectrum). Kember, a.k.a. Sonic Boom, first heard the band via an early video while he was mixing Panda Bear's Tomboy at Blanker Unsinn studio in Brooklyn, and after hearing some demos, signed up to produce a full LP of their material as soon as possible.

The band decided their best move was to record the LP in the back country atmosphere of Connecticut, with the recording and initial mixes starting there. Further work was done at MGMT's Blanker Unsinn facility with the final mixing and mastering taking place in the UK at Sonic Boom's New Atlantis Studio.

TEEN's sound relies heavily on its vocal arrangements and harmonies. The music is strengthened by the flawless vocal connections between family and friends. The songs on the album are a reflection of change and loss – loss of loved ones, loss of relationships and sitting in the space of the unknown – in limbo. They reflect on how times such as these can give birth to powerful creative moments, and also solidify bonds in relationships between friends and family. The songs are mysterious and dark, exploring the many sensitivities and emotions that a person endures during these critical and life-changing experiences.

The band have played consistently since Winter 2010, including performances with Purity Ring, War on Drugs and Yellow Ostrich and most recently, Ariel Pink, Santigold, Frankie Rose, Dean Wareheim and Hospitality.

Saint Pepsi

You are the consumer. You are the brand. You are the Target. You are the image. Blessed be to you for living in the west. The security of falling asleep in your warm little bed because you were a good little consumer and bought everything you wanted. Andy Warhol would have loved you.

In honor of your material nature we are holding an event where you can "celebrate" your "individualism".

The theme is BRANDS. Which one do you hate? Love? Show it. So will we- and this is how.

DADT is pleased to announce we will be hosting the marvelous SAINT PEPSI on our stage!

Saint Pepsi is a young producer with the midas touch. Taking funk and hip hop samples to the next level he creates and performs infectious dance tracks. Such as his single "Better" which very recently was just played in a dance mix by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy out in LA. This boy is taking the music scene by storm. Being written up in blogs and music magazines alike, his popularity is on a sharp incline.

Las Rosas

las Rosas, the roses, began in the back room of the back room in the back of an non-legal living establishment in Long Island City Queens New York. Drummer and erstwhile smoker Christopher (now reformed) declared his idea to start playing the songs that Jose had written in Texas following the liquefaction of his previous band called Harlem. The two spent six late nights in the non-legal studio, consistently lessening the quality of sleep of the young couple upstairs who truly and adorably only wanted the return of their stolen playstation.

It became clear to the pair of men that what they really wanted and truly needed was a bass player and there was only one player in mind; with their notorious subtlety and care they succeeded to convince Jose Aybar of four Wild Yaks of Brooklyn into a binding co-arrangement with las Rosas and in mere moments the two Joses and the one Christopher were playing semi-legal shows to clusters or crowds for mile(s) around.

It (las Rosas) became known to Burger Records of California, and the jovial proprietors demanded/acquiesced to a non-legal agreement whereby they (the record company) released las Rosas’ debut Extended Play Cassette “Flower In The Sun”, in October of 2013. Since that time, they have been busy traveling the United States in their sea-foam van and recording new songs concerning the heart, police, foul moods, and True Friendship.

Their slackened vocals and alternation between loud fuzz and slightly less loud fuzz recalls a time when indie rock wasn't expected to sell deodorant...While their homebase has resulted in many a Cloud Nothings comparison, it's every bit as complementary to say Herzog come up with one of the best pieces of Midwestern "fuck our band" anti-heroism since the heyday of Local H.


Formed in spring of 2011, roommates Sean Tracy, Julian Moore, and Dan Coulson began playing music together in a small Allston, Massachusetts bedroom. Over the course of several months, the trio turned their half-witted beer-fueled jam sessions into fully fleshed out songs. With their similar upbringings in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire local music scenes, the three found it natural writing songs together in their nervous, fast paced and up-tempo writing style that would soon become Chandeliers. The trio established themselves in the local Boston music scene as a weekend usual while releasing two EPs, "Big Shot Weekend," and "Monday."

Since then, Chandeliers adopted their nickname, 'Chandos' to differentiate themselves from similarly named acts. They’ve just finished up recording their debut LP this coming fall.

First making music at the end of his high school days, 23-year-old Phil Jones began Dog Bite after dropping out of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Influenced by the work of J Dilla, Portishead, Caribou, Panda Bear and The Roots, Jones began self-releasing tracks, followed-by a 7-inch and CD on Young Turks. While later touring as the keyboardist to Washed Out he picked up an acoustic guitar and composed his debut-full length, Velvet Changes, released on Carpark in early 2013. In support of Velvet Changes, Dog Bite embarked on an extensive North American winter tour with labelmate Toro Y Moi. The two marked the occasion with a split 7″. Jones returns with his newest release on Carpark, the full-length Tranquilizers.

In addition to his time with Washed Out, Jones has appeared on a matthewdavid release and produced for Mood Rings and Bosco. As one half of Acid Flashback, he’s crafted tunes for the voice of Karen Jacobs (of Toronto’s Free Kisses). Dog Bite performs live as a four-piece, featuring Jones’ friend Woody Shortridge formerly of defunct Atlanta band Balkans.

We live in Brooklyn.
There are five of us.
Loud, soft; yeah we can do that.
We like to cuddle.


Beverly is 16 today. I heard she was a bratty baby, she drank all the milk. Bev is sooooo hot right now. She's always really hungry and I don't know why. Sometimes she eats cap'n crunch til she thinks she's gonna vom - then she eats more. It's weird. She's still growing I guess. She'll eat anything and everything. I heard Beverly ate her father's strat, then her mother's purple slingerland drum set...so crazy. She keeps getting bigger. She must be like 9 feet tall. I don't think Bev showers either. She's a dirty girl. Her hair is stringy and she doesn't care. Also Bev refuses to stop putting her hand in Tim the pit's cage. Tim's gonna bite that hand clean off one day... Did I mention, she wears waaay too much makeup and mismatched plaid. Frankie and Drew say her style is tacky, but I just think it's so Beverly.


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