Classic Album Sundays presents Manuel Gottsching ‘E2-E4′

Classic Album Sundays presents Manuel Gottsching ‘E2-E4′

Classic Album Sundays presents Manuel Gottsching ‘E2-E4′

Manuel Göttsching’s ‘E2-E4’ may demand a background 4-1-1 even if it is a cult classic often requested by in-the-know Balearic Dance aficionados and Kosmische Musik fans. Anybody who has swayed and spun to the house classic ‘Sueno Latino’ on a sunlit Ibizan terrace will be familiar with the sound even if they are unaware of the original piece from which the Italo-house DJ-producers sampled. The hour-long improvisational piece is cited as one of the most influential proto-house/techno records although its inception had much humbler intentions.

The session will run from 4 to 630 pm at Baby's All Right, a restaurant and live event venue at 146 Broadway, Williamsburg - Brooklyn. Attendees can purchase and feast upon delicious Americana brunch and dinner offerings from the Baby's All Right kitchen in the run-up to the album replay and savour a delicious selection of wines, beers and cocktails from the bar while listening.

Timings: Sunday, July 13, 4 to 630 pm
Venue: Baby's All Right 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tickets: $8 in advance / $10 on the door.
Presenter: Alex From Tokyo

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