Perfect Pussy, Hop Along, Pleasure Leftists, Frankie Cosmos - SOLD OUT!

Perfect Pussy

Perfect Pussy is a band that plays hard AND plays even harder.

"On stage, front woman Meredith Graves has the charisma of a star in the making." -Billboard

"I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling, instantly evokes basement shows rank with fresh sweat, dark except for strings of christmas lights, windows shaking, overloaded PA bleating away, and the band across the jampacked room discernible only by the occasional upward-flung limb. If you make it to one of this Syracuse band's two outer-borough shows this week, expect to leave with bangs dripping, ears keening, and heart pounding." -Paper Mag

"One of the boldest new rock bands." -Pitchfork

"These punk kids from the mean streets of Syracuse, New York, deliver high-energy slabs of mayhem-friendly post punk noise, a wall of guitar and Casio. Meredith Graves knows how to run her mosh pit like a dictator runs a birthday party." -Rolling Stone

"One of the best debuts you're likely to hear this year." -Stereogum

Hop Along

After nearly two years working at Head Room Studios in North Philly arts space Big Mama's House, local art-pop trio Hop Along wrapped up work on its next full length album, Get Disowned, just last week. On Sunday, singer-guitarist Frances Quinlan announced on the band's Tumblr "OUR NEW ALBUM IS DONE (and I am delirious)"; she appeared after-hours on WKDU to chat and premier the album version of "Tibetian Pop Stars", and last night, the band posted the track as a free download on its Bandcamp page. It's a kind of epic collision of the band's preferred styles: overdriven punk, singalong folk and hooky pop.

Pleasure Leftists

Cleveland post-punk quartet Pleasure Leftists borrow more than a few gloomy moves from late 1970s Britain, but they've got the finesse to stake their own ground. Fronted by the grayly expressive Haley Morris, a powerful singer who claims equal influence from Factory Records and 1950s French balladeer Édith Piaf, the band breathes speed and energy into a formula that could otherwise be written off as mere posturing. "Elephant Men" builds its velocity off a hard-driving 2-D drum sound (claiming two former members of brutal Cleveland hardcore act 9 Shocks Terror doesn't hurt) and eschews a deadpan aesthetic for something that sounds desperate and poised. The 7" comes backed by "Not Over", and it's seeing release via the Brooklyn label Katorga Works (home to Merchandise, Wiccans, CREEM).

Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos is a 4-piece band consisting of Greta Kline (vocals, guitar), Aaron Maine (drums), David Maine (bass), and Gabrielle Smith (keyboard, vocals). Their performances vary from slow sad ballads to goofy rock'n'roll love songs. They are based out of New York City (where Greta and Gabby grew up) and Pleasantville (where the Maine brothers grew up). The four members are each influenced by a wide variety of music, and all come from distinct music backgrounds.

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