Ronald Paris.

Porches is the proliferation of Aaron Maine’s love affair with music. Never quite landing in any particular niche, they navigate through genres, learning, obsessing, and absorbing. Great victories and great defeats, cosmic or tangible, are the underlying elements that remain constant through the bands exploration. Kevin Farrant (Rivergazer), Aaron Maine, Seiya Jewell, Cameron Wisch (Full-Blued), and Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos) are the current members that contribute to the glowing, dark, and powerful live performances that Porches continue provide.

Kevin Morby

Harlem River marks the solo debut of songwriter Kevin Morby. Known for his work as the singer/guitarist for the Brooklyn band The Babies and bassist for Woods, the Kansas City native and new Los Angeles resident, calls the record "an homage to New York City," his adopted home for the past five years.

Harlem River features eight interweaving tales of tragedy and misfortune; a series of desperate characters playing out their dramas with the city as backdrop. A departure from some of the signature sounds of his better known projects, Morby's songs glisten with a haunting intimacy and while he maintains that the songs are stories about other people, it's hard not to feel a piece of him in each one; a half-imagined, half-painfully personal world of lost love, addiction, violence and prayers for the departed.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles in February and March of '13 with producer Rob Barbato who recorded The Babies' second album, Our House On The Hill, and whose guitar and bass work figure prominently on Harlem River. The album also features drummer Justin Sullivan (The Babies) as well as contributions from Will Canzoneri, Tim Presley (White Fence), Dan Lead, and Cate Le Bon.

Your Friend

Jekyll / Hyde is the debut EP from Taryn Blake Miller who records under the name Your Friend.
Written and recorded over a two year period in her adopted hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, Miller used live performances to develop the songs gradually both as a solo performer as well enlisting the help of a rotating cast of supporters from the town’s music community.
Fusing warm atmospheric guitars with a focused and emotionally rich sense of song craft, Your Friend presents a keen balance of experimentation and structure. Momentum carries these creations through dramatic shifts that feel surprising, inevitable and always authentic. Fragmentary and evocative, Miller’s lyrics are a collage of details taken from her life as well as her friends and family. Born in her bedroom and developed on stage, Miller describes the record as “deeply personal. For a long time it was hard to play these songs out because they were written for myself.”
Miller and co-producer Jordan Geiger (bandleader for the Hospital Ships), set out to capture her intimate live energy but with refinements. Though her bare-bones stage show was in high demand, eventually going from playing Lawrence house parties and clubs to opening for national acts who passed through locally, she wanted the songs to be more fleshed out for the record. Bringing in bass, drums and keyboards, as well as layered guitars and vocals, Miller self-released Jekyll/Hyde in August 2013 to an already devoted fan base that quickly multiplied. For the Domino release, Miller and Geiger have added even more depth with freshly recorded live drums and vocals. The result is a captivating debut that sounds fully realized in its ideal form.

When asked for the significance of the name Your Friend, Miller gets to the fundamental core of her music: That there is power in leaving yourself exposed, to trusting a part of yourself with people who don’t know you. “I really like the risk in being vulnerable to someone,” Miller says. “There’s risk in music that way; I feel that at every show. It could go terribly wrong but that’s what I thrive on.”

Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos is a 4-piece band consisting of Greta Kline (vocals, guitar), Aaron Maine (drums), David Maine (bass), and Gabrielle Smith (keyboard, vocals). Their performances vary from slow sad ballads to goofy rock’n'roll love songs. They are based out of New York City (where Greta and Gabby grew up) and Pleasantville (where the Maine brothers grew up). The four members are each influenced by a wide variety of music, and all come from distinct music backgrounds.

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