Belgrade, States & Kingdoms

With liquid-like intros and outros. Belgrade's fleshy songs are sure to spur a variety of emotions. Daring themselves a slap in the face with the glove of simplicity, things are kept subversively straightforward. While embracing more than healthy doses of echo, the air between meaty ideas is apparent and fluid. Offering layers of cycling guitar, nimble bass lines, snappy dynamic drums and floating vocals, the sounds teeter from an understated warm twang to a groaning twisted reverb-fest.

Urging you into a heap of head-tossing joy while never letting things fully explode. The name of this game is restraint, boys and girls. Each element birthed from a loud and bombastic past - the new challenge becomes seeing who can best tightrope walk the wavy line between blissful-breezy melodies and purposeful energetic sharpness. Internal rebellion never sounded so endearing.

Let's cloak those catchy pop smarts under blankets of reverberated echoes bounced off last night's full moon - still ringing in the squinty-eyed hangover morning. Let the sound shimmer and swoon forward and back like a chorus for the night time, to be consumed during the day. Anthems to prep us all for that cloudy nocturnal courage.

States & Kingdoms

States & Kingdoms are a New York City based band. Featuring members of Rival Schools,
Thursday, Retisonic, Small Brown Bike, and Atlantic/Pacific. The lineup consists of,

Ian Love (Vocals & Guitar)
Steve Pedulla (Guitar)
Jim Kimball (Bass Guitar)
Jeff Gensterblum (Drums)
Gordon Hatin (Pedal Steel)
John Herguth (Keyboards)


Bacio (pronounced Bah-Chee-Oh) is the Italian word for 'kiss' and the name of a band from New Jersey which was formally known as Bacio de Imola. Imagine bike riding to your girlfriend's apartment for the last time before it gets too cold outside, or driving for days up and down the east coast on tour with four of your best friends. The perfect soundtrack would absolutely consist of Bacio. Having started out as just another creative exploration between two dudes now consists of five, who have played in other bands such as Cityscapes and Takehold.



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