Logic - While You Wait Tour

Logic's impeccable lyricism manifests shortly after in songs such as "Dead Presidents III" (which also shows off his old-school hip-hop influences, along with "No Biggie") and again in "Young Sinatra III." Songs like "Disgusting" and "Relaxation" display his storytelling ability, comedy, love life and even a vulgar side that shouldn't be taken literally (a la Eminem). Chill tracks like "We Get High," "What You Want" and "Aye Girl" change the pace of the mixtape to give the feel of a carefully compiled album. Mainstream-style tracks like "The Spotlight," "Numbers," "Tic Tac Toe" and "Used To Hate It" are catchy, compelling and phenomenally produced. Ripened samples fill the work in sincere and excellent fashion, as well as original renditions of recent ones ("Do Ya Like" is the prominent that comes to mind). Some may say Logic samples a little too much, but maintaining the feel of a genuine mixtape is something important, although the overall product feels like an album. Logic's awareness of himself and everything around him permeates throughout Undeniable, which makes for an admirable, relatable, inspirational, positive, confident and multitalented entity. Undeniable has already reached over 100,000 DatPiff downloads and its not stopping there.



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