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Freddie McGregor

Of the legendary, first-generation reggae pioneers that remain with us, very few have a résumé as deep or a career as celebrated as that of Freddie McGregor—a man who has not only been a part of reggae music through every stage of its development, but has also helped to shape it at virtually every stage.

Freddie was on the scene from the earliest days of ska; as a seven-year-old boy he joined the popular duo the Clarendonians, standing on a crate onstage in order to sing his harmony parts into the adult-sized microphone. Having established his vocal talent and his stagecraft at such an early age, he then went on to record for the legendary Studio One during the glory days of rock steady and early reggae, singing for the Generation Gap and for the great Soul Syndicate band. This was the period during which his voice fully matured into the instantly-recognizable vehicle of smooth and soulful uplift known to millions of music lovers today. It was also a time of development for his songwriting skill; romantic reggae ballads like "Go Away Pretty Girl" and "What Difference Does It Make" emerged during this period, while he also continued working behind other artists as both a drummer and a backup singer.

After he converted to Rastafarianism in his late teens, his musical vision shifted focus: with the help of legendary guitarist Earl "Chinna" Smith (with whom Freddie had worked in the Soul Syndicate) he began to produce more serious work, including such classics of the roots-and-culture genre as "Rastaman Camp" and "Mark of the Beast," and went on to make more great records with Niney the Observer, Coxsone Dodd, and Linval Thompson. At the end of the 1980s he established his own recording studio and record label, called Big Ship, and produced early recordings by up-and-coming conscious reggae artists of the time like Mikey Spice and Luciano.

Reggae music is filled with talented singers, but few who have both the vocal technique and a natural instrument to compare with those of Freddie McGregor. Equally adept as a romantic crooner and a powerful deliverer of strong cultural messages, Freddie has a voice unlike any other, one that he forged from influences both Jamaican and American, in particular the sounds of Philly-style soul music. Some of his early hits were covers of American soul singles, such as the Main Ingredient's "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely" and Tyrone Davis's "Can I Change My Mind."

With Di Captain, an album four years in the making, Freddie McGregor takes his rightful place once again at the front rank of modern roots reggae artists. The album's title refers slyly to his continued status as captain of the Big Ship production complex, and a quick glance at the song credits and the list of contributing musicians shows how long and successful the Captain's voyage has been. Members of Jamaica's studio A-list are here, from the great bass-and-drum duos of Mafia & Fluxy and Steely & Clevie to session aces like saxophonist Dean Fraser and keyboardist Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie. Former Heptones frontman Leroy Sibbles lends his talents as a bass player on several tracks, including Freddie's excellent version of the Heptones hit "Equal Rights." Up-and-coming artists Etana and Gappy Ranks join their voices to Freddie's on a couple of tracks as well, and Freddie has great praise for them: he says that listening to Gappy Ranks ride the rhythm on "Standing Strong" (a remake of Freddie's 1980s hit "Bobby Bobylon") takes him back to the glory days of roots reggae, while he feels that on their version of the Everly Brothers' "Let It Be Me," he and Etana managed to "recapture a groove that was wonderful and bouncy and dancey—she puts so much soul into that song you would think she was the original artist."

Apart from the sheer quality of the songs and the performances on Di Captain, listeners will also notice a thread of deep concern for the state of the world and the world's young people running through this program. "These songs were very specially chosen," Freddie says. "We took the greatest pains in making sure these would be classic songs that will last for a long time. I chose songs like 'Equal Rights' because I love the message and because the youth need to hear it. We made a special effort to keep it as grass-roots as we can."

And that nicely summarizes the contribution Freddie McGregor has made, and continues to make, to reggae music and the world: his is a deep and multifaceted talent with roots extending back to the earliest days of this music, but he is dedicated to moving it into the future with hope and positivity. "Bob Marley took this music to a real high level," he observes, "and we should all try to keep it there." The Captain of the Big Ship is doing just that.

The Abyssinians

The roots harmony vocals trio the Abyssinians was formed in 1968 by founding members Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. It was in 1969 with their release "Satta Massagana" recorded on Coxson Dodd's Studio One label—a Rastafarian hymn based on the Ethiopian Amharic language, that launched them into the ranks of Reggae music greats. "Satta Massagana" became one of reggae's most popular songs; becoming an anthem that was heard on the radios, in the dancehalls and in the churches of Jamaica.

The Abyssinians vocal trio is touring America again. With Bernard Collins, Donald Mannings and David Morrison, this is a highly talented respected vocal group with deep spiritual vibrations, good intentions and a higher purpose. This is the vocal trio that produced the reggae national anthem – Satta Massagana. The Abyssinians are the roots of reggae music. "He will take us by the hand. And lead us to that wonderland. If you can't be good, be careful. And do the best you can. Yimasgan hula gize. Glory to Jah, let him be praised."


From singer to sound-system operator, to rapper, back to singer, to singjay. Chino has no intentions of being categorized; instead, he sees himself as an unconfined musical artiste: one who also plays a myriad of instruments including the guitar, drums, piano and bass. In addition to all that, Chino still finds the time to write, co-write and has produced tracks for artistes such as Daville, T.O.K, Wayne Marshall, Elephant Man, Kiprich, Delly Ranx and of course his father, Freddie McGregor.
Yet another major milestone in his career was a collaboration with his father, There's a Reward For Me on the Grammy-nominated album Anything for You. His career has evolved even further since then; a few years ago he released his debut album, Unstoppable in addition to a slew of singles: Inna di Club (on the '12 gauge' riddim), the smash hit Redbull And Guinness and Ghetto Whisky both feat. Delly Ranx, Formula, Do So Fah (on the 'Breaking News' riddim), and Gyal Ting (on Roach's 'Mad Ting' riddim) just to name a few, which were monster hits in the dancehalls across the island and overseas.
More recently, Chino has doused the local and international scenes with a bucket of hits including: Pon Yuh Head, Protected, From Mawning, Ruff It Up, Gal Dem Waah Mi Style It Fi Dem, more recently and more.
In addition, he is one of the official faces of Coca-Cola Zero in Jamaica. This multifaceted artiste has toured major countries and their cities, including: New York, Miami, Alabama, Mississippi and London, numerous parts of Europe, Africa, Japan, Bermuda, U.S Virgin Islands in addition to various Caribbean Islands.
Chino, who completed a three month US and European tour alongside his father and other Big Ship artistes in the summer of '09 plans to release two albums this summer, Never Change, for the Japanese market and another for the US .
Also this year Chino released a number of singles, which still continue to dominate the reggae/dancehall market including: Before Dem Gone, Rave We A Rave featuring Konshens, Mus Come Back and others. Undoubtedly, Daniel "Chino" McGregor continues to keep his eye on the prize: to not only steer the "Big Ship" successfully into the future, but also confirm that this musical mastermind is in fact UNSTOPPABLE.

Quinto Sol

Music can be contagious, inspiring, and poignant. Quinto Sol (QS), or Fifth Sun, caries that type of emotion and sound - deeply rooted in community and roots music - from the Americas, to the Caribbean and Africa. Having emerged from the artist/activist community of East Los Angeles in 1994, Quinto Sol is roots-reggae at its core, woven seamlessly with Latin rhythms like Cumbia, rumba, and son. Quinto Sol is a collective of musicians, inspired to use music as a tool for awareness of socio-political and economic issues facing their community. They do this by translating their own urban realities in every day life and the struggles of indigenous communities in the world, through conscious lyrics and powerful live performances. Nine years after the band's inception, Quinto Sol releases their second independent album and first national release, Barrio Roots. Produced by and arranged by the QS band, and engineered by Johnny Alvarez and Mizraim Leal, the band's lead vocalist and guitar player, Barrio Roots documents music from a period that helped shape what is known today as the East L.A. art "scene"; a contemporary Chicano-inspired arts movement where, incidentally bands like Quetzal and Ozomatli emerged and grew to international popularity. Home, East L.A. or L.A, Quinto Sol is dedicated to planting the seed that let's everyone know where they come from and where they are headed. Currenty in progress is Quinto Sol's third and most anticipated album, "Spirits of the Martyrs". A tribute to all the heroes that fought and died for Land, Love, Peace, and Dignity. - don't forget your roots and culture.we're just trying to give something back that's positive." From the roots-reggae song, "Mexica Tiahui", to the up-tempo cumbia/salsa jam, "Tocani" and the reggae/cumbia/salsa mix "Sangre", Quinto Sol takes you on a world beat tour unlike any reggae band in the music circuit. Having performed with artists, such as: The Wailers, Third World, Inner Circle, Steel Pulse, Eek-A-Mouse, Maldita Vecindad, Jaguares, Malo, Ozomatli, Poncho Sanchez, Puya, Todos Tus Muertos and others, QS's fan base is as diverse as the musical fusion they produce and the bands with whom they've shared the stage; from L.A. to Mexico City and even Japan.

Judah Eskender Tafari

known as Judah Eskender Tafari, with his captivating melodic voice delivers the poistive message of Faith, Hope and Charity through music. "Redemption Time" is his contribution to the Shine Your Light compilation cd. Eskender performed on 12 Tribes Stage shows in Jamaica two years before making his 1st record for Clement "Coxone" Dodd, Producer of the Studio One Label(Jamaica's Motown). That first record was entitled "Jah Light" and he went on to record other hit songs like "Rastafari Tell You", "Always Trying: and "Just Another Day". He has also re-recorded "Danger In Your Eyes", has several solo cds on the market and has more great songs yet to be released. He is a very seasoned artist that is blessed with the ability to musically thrill audiences

Blaze Mob

"We make it cool to be conscious" says Shaka Rock, the oldest of the threes sons of Garth Dennis, a foundation member of Black Uhuru and later Wailing Souls. Gyasi Dennis and King Saeed complete the trinity that is known as Blaze Mob.

After their father started to bring home instruments from every tour, a natural synthesis occurred. They decided to put the instruments to good use at a very young age and became self-taught musician. The boys have matured and now they are blazing!

Gyasi says "We are here to give the world a new sound." A new sound indeed from a new album called "More Consciousness" in stores now. Featuring song such as "Big and Bold", "let me know", and the cultivating culturally inspiring song "Marcus Garvey." Their harmonizing is in-sync ever so eloquently on the track "can't get away," which is reminiscent of an R&B tune with soulful melodies. Rasta loving is represented with a splendid head-bopping groove called "kick back." The title tracks "More Consciousness" is a winner with the lyrics and composition, "uh huh!" All this and more from the 16 track album that is full of life, exciting musical potential and pure vibes.

This comes as no surprise as their heritage shows and tells in their music. Coming from 3rd street in Trench Town J.A, their grandmother's yard was a very popular rehearsal spot back in the day, for Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many other reggae icons. Their uncle was the talented Musical Director and Producer, Joe Higgs. Their artistic heritage was set, and the Blaze Mob now looks to seal their fate in Reggae History as well.

Their mother, Jenje Judah, is credited for being the planner, overseer and organizer of their lives, giving them tremendous support. Blaze Mob has created their own unique sound that is aptly described as World Beat Reggae. Skaka Rock on the bass, Gyasi Gong on the drums and King Saeed on the keyboards have now morphed in Blaze Mob after 2 name changes. They have been performing since they were very young at Venice Beach in L.A, as Strictly Youth Rhythms, and at The Roxy as Reggae Rock, and then at the Bob Marley day festival as Blaze Mob. As a young kind band they were called S.Y.R (strictly youth rhythms,) and then Reggae Rock.

Their father recorded one of their songs on the 1994 Black Uhuru Grammy nominated album "Strongg". The song was entitled "Eye Of an Angel". They have continued to write and compose all their material. They have since become members of A.S.C.A.P.

Blaze Mob has arrived with the release of "More Consciousness." The album exudes a cross-pollinated L.A./Kingston style that draws from both Jamaican roots and the Hollywood "fast lane".

Sister Carol

Sister Carol was born Carol Theresa East, January 15 1959 in Kingston Jamaica. She is also known as the "Black Cinderella" and "Mother Culture". Sister Carol She is a Grammy nominated singer, DJ, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, educator and humanitarian.

Her odyssey began in the ghetto of Denham Town, Kingston in the midst of the exploding Jamaican music scene and has grown to become one of Jamaica's top entertainers and a Global Icon.

Her formative years were spent at St Anne's Primary School and Mico-Practicing All-Age School. Her father Howard East was a senior engineer who dedicated his life, to his career at RJR (Radio Jamaica Rediffusion), the number one radio station during that time. He was also a very important part of the Studio One and Treasure Isle sound.

He regularly participated in sessions with the legendary "Clement Coxsone Dodd." These early influences not only left an indelible mark on her heart but also drew her closer to the infusion of the music industry.

At the age of 14 her family immigrated to Brooklyn NY in 1973. The thriving dancehall scene of New York City led this young rising star to a path that would acknowledge her talents with multiple awards, television appearances, sold out concerts and movies.

Following in the footsteps of her mentor and friend DJ Brigadier Jerry her musical career began after winning talent contests in both Kingston and New York. Sister Carol was offered an opening slot for one of Jamaica's finest vocal trios, The Mediations who had been the harmony backup vocals for Bob Marley.

This opportunity opened the door for her to record her first two records "Liberation for Africa" on the Serious Gold Label 1983 and "Black Cinderella" on Jah Life Label 1984, bringing her greatest talents, personality and vibe to a wider audience establishing herself firmly in the dancehall/DJ movement. During this time she dominated the music scene winning the coveted "Best Female DJ" for 5 consecutive years from 1983 – 1987. With these accolades behind her she established her own "Black Cinderella Record Label" in 1989.

In the midst of her success as an artist she continued to pursue an education attending City College of New York where she obtained a B.Sc. degree in education in 1984.

A true testament of her resilient spirit and energy spans nearly three decades in a male dominated industry, Sister Carol is a trailblazer for women in reggae. Her music carries a social message for people all over the world. Her message is rich with cultural heritage and infused with a vital social consciousness that permeates every aspect of life in the new millennium. (Hence her title as "Mother Culture") She has maintained a loyal fan base across the globe from Kingston – to Queens, Ethiopia to England, Detroit, Denver, East coast to West coast - Sister Carol reigns as the Queen of Reggae.

Her prolific music career includes over 12 albums/cd, a Grammy nomination for "Best Reggae Album" in 1997, "Most Outstanding Reggae Artist" two consecutive years 1997 and 1998, and "Queen of Reggae" in 2000 in Detroit Michigan, New York City Council Proclamation celebrating Jamaica's 39th year of independence and honoring Jamaicans in New York for outstanding cultural contribution to life in the city of New York in 2001, Institute of Caribbean Studies Wash. DC – "Cultural Heritage Award for Excellence in Music" in 2004, "Lifetime Achievement" in 2008 in Columbus Ohio, "Roots Women in Reggae" 2009 to name just a few.

A showcase of Sister Carol's greatest achievements includes: 2001 the release of "All I Have Is Love"/Tribute TO Studio One on the Easy Star/Black Cinderella/Napticorn label and recording her first live CD "Direct Hit" for release on the Catapult/Black Cinderella label.

In 2003 she released "Empressive"cd on the "Black Cinderella label" which was also released in France on the m10 label the following year. In 2004- 2005 she toured France, New Caledonia, West Africa and USA promoting her "Empressive" cd.

In 2006 she celebrated her "Silver Jubilee" as a solo artist releasing a new CD/DVD "1Derful Words" on the Black Cinderella label. In 2007 she recorded a single titled "Dancing Shoes" with Bunny Wailer a former band member of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

With numerous interviews in mainstream media and has been a guest twice on NBC's David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien,New York at Nite with Clint Holmes WORT.V., VH1 with Nile Rodgers, Good Morning America with Bryant Gumbel as well as earning praises in the print media such as Billboard, The Village Voice and many others. She was the familiar voice behind NBCTV Night Music with Jools Holland and David Sanborn as the MC. In 1999 Tuff Gong, the label started by reggae icon Bob Marley release Sister Carol's Isis the Original Womb-man.

Beyond her music career she burst on the silver screen in 1986 in her first feature film "Something Wild" with Melaine Griffths and Jeff Daniels followed by "Married to the Mob" with Michelle Pfeiffer,Dean Sockwell and Matthew Modine in 1988 and most recently Oscar nominated "Rachel Getting Married" with Anne Hathaway. All three movies directed by the awarding Director Jonathan Demme.

As well as an amazing professional career her personal life stands firm. She has been married for over two decades and is a dedicated mother of four and a dotting grandmother of six her true pride and joy.

On the Horizon - Sister Carol continues her entrepreneurial spirit - with her "Black Cinderella" clothing line with a cd produced by Glen Adams of Hippie Boys and Wailers fame and a duet cd of collaboration with many other artiste in the works for release soon. Sister Carol also appears in the soon to be released Bob Marley documentay "Stay with the rhythm". Sister Carol is a Warrior Queen and a true Renaissance woman who continues to tour the world and teach her message in her musical classrooms – The majestical vibrations continues...............

Johnny Osbourne

Johnny Osbourne (born Errol Osbourne, 1948) is a popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer, who rose to success in the late 1970s and mid 1980s. His album Truths and Rights was a notable roots reggae success, and featured "Jah Promise" and the album's title track, "Truths and Rights". However, he is probably best known for his mid 1980s dancehall reggae hits "Buddy Bye" (based on King Jammy's Sleng Teng riddim), "Ice Cream Love" and "Water Pumping".

ELJAI was born Lloyd Carlton McFarlane Jr. in Belize City, Belize. Soon after, his family moved to the countryside where most of his early years were spent. ELJAI has always been known for his humble and kind ways, joyous laughter and his spiritual enlightening conversations. At the age of five, ELJAI's family moved back to Belize City where he attended the Ebenezer Primary School Here he met new friends and discovered his hidden musical talent. Soon ELJAI was singing at school rallies and contests. His talent developed rapidly and he was encouraged by his friends and family to pursue his career in music.

In the late 1980s ELJAI moved to Los Angeles, California knowing exactly what he wanted to do and ready to focus on his career. He was introduced to the DOMINATORS, a local band and was asked to become their lead singer- a position which he gladly accepted. During this time, his love for singing and music grew tremendously and he started to also develop an interest in songwriting. In 1989, ELJAI released the EP Give Your Loving To Me, in his native country, Belize. The song, written by ELJAI, sky rocketed on the charts and introduced him as a major artist. ELJAI continued to grow and develop his fan base. Later that year ELJAI was asked by a friend to be a guest artist on the Pupa Curly’s “Free Mandela single. In the early 90s Carl MacGregor, the producer of his first EP, introduced ELJAI to Kerry Gordy, the son of the legendary founder of Motown Records, Berry Gordy.

Shortly after that meeting, the group Belize was formed and consisted of ELJAI, Carl and Delly McGregor. ELJAI and Belize continued to hone their writing skills. They were soon signed to Prince’s Paisley Park label where they recorded their first album. Belize was later signed to Warner Brothers where they wrote and released “I'm Looking Out For You,” the theme song for the TV show, Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol.

His debut CD, Da Rebirth was recorded in 2006 with the production help of musician / producer Fabian Cooke (Born Jamericans / Ziggy Marley / Lion King soundtrack) and master drummer, Carlton “Santa” Davis (Peter Tosh, Soul Syndicate, Ziggy Marley). The single “Blessed” was a big hit that year and later rerecorded with the help of the popular dancehall artist Capleton aka ‘The Prophet.’ Another song collaboration and video with General Degree “Down In The Wilderness” gained a lot of chart and media attention.

ELJAI had another breakthrough year in 2008 performing on the Caribbean Sea Breeze Festival in California, Panamanian Reggae Festival in New York, Chicago Park Festival and Labor Day Fest in Los Angeles. He hit the Jamaican charts for the very first time with his first single "Don't Leave". The video was number one on R.E.T.V. MVP Top 10 Reggae Charts and bubbling on CVM Hitlist Top 5 Reggae Charts. "Don't Leave" was released as a single distributed by TADs International and the rhythm entitled 'Drop It' produced by Flava on the

(cont) No Doubt Label. Other artistes featured on the rhythm include Reggae giants Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Jah Cure, Etana, Chuck Fenda, Morgan Heritage, and Lutan Fyah.

He visited Jamaica during the Christmas season of 2008 for two weeks to promote his new single entitled "I Know" produced once again by Fabian Cooke. ELJAI's visit was successful as he did a lot of interviews with the local media and got a chance to promote his new single. Eljai also co-headlined the 23rd Annual UCLA Jazz/Reggae and the 12th Annual Caribbean Seabreeze Festival in California with many more concert and festival appearances in 2009.

ELJAI’s sophomore CD release I Know studio was released worldwide in early 2010. The first single/video “The Leaders” reached #1 on the Jamaican Weekly Music Countdown Reggae Singles Chart, # 1 on Virgin Island Reggae Chart, #1 in Italy and Holland (plus Top 5 on the New York and So. Florida Charts) and was produced by Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor (No Doubt Records) who produced half of the album tracks along with Fabian Cooke (Jasic Records). The album track “If Only” was also released as a single/video with all proceeds from its sales benefiting Haitian earthquake victims. He co-headlined the Irie Reggae Festival with Beres Hammond and Inner Circle in Long Beach, CA and many more concerts during the year.

ELJAI released his new single / 4 song EP titled "24/7" in early 2012. "24/7" is a timely song that has connected with music fans going to #1 in Jamaican and Belize. The EP includes previously unreleased songs "Empress," “If You Really” (featuring E-Dee) and "From This Day." The video for "24/7" has been a big success with 125,000 views on YouTube in just over a week. He toured with concert / festival bookings worldwide to support the new releases and headlined the Irie Seabreeze Festival and Caribbean Singer’s Fest with Wayne Wonder and Christopher Martin in Los Angeles

In 2013, ELJAI has released the four-song EP FOR YOU produced by legendary Jamaican musician, Dean Fraser. The single “For You” was number one for multiple weeks on the Jamaican, New York, So. Florida Reggae Singles and Stampede Street (JA) charts. His new single, “Gregory Isaacs Medley” (A Tribute To The Cool Ruler) was released in December with a full album coming in early 2014. Eljai was also a featured artist at the annual Rebel Salute festival in Jamaica this January kicking off a big year of live performances to come.

ELJAI continues to be one of the shining beacons of Reggae music and is extending his light throughout the rest of the world with talent and messages.

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