The Knocks (Live)

ANR (Live)

ANR is a music-making duo based out of Miami, Florida. The duo consists of Brian Robertson (Keyboards, Vocals) and Michael-John Hancock (Vocals, Drums). In 2010, the duo hunkered down and recorded the Stay Kids album. Influenced heavily by the events of the year, particularly those near to their coastal dwellings, the post-apocalyptic pop record is by far the bands strongest effort to date. The sonic influence of childhood heroes Brian Wilson, Prince, and Keith Emerson as well as the music of the psychedelic warriors of today are very evident therein and continue to inspire the band as they work on new releases and remixes in 2011.

Onstage, the pair add a rawer dimension to their songs, pummeling through sets with a louder, more virtuosic style than one might expect from simply listening to the records, revealing their love of American punk rock and the British and German progressive acts of the 1970‘s. ANR will be on tour throughout 2011 in the U.S. and Europe. The group is also actively involved in the South Florida music and arts community, organizing shows and aiding the efforts of local peers with production, engineering and scoring film and video art.



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