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Los Angeles rock/pop outfit Busy Living was formed in early 2012 after frontman Mike Moonves left his former band, Chief (Domino). Writing songs of love and heartbreak, Busy Living heavy lyrics are complemented by their upbeat melodies. Rounded out by Jared Sohnen's pounding drums, Tim Hutton's strong bass, Matt Leddy's hooky and atmospheric keys and Drew Phillips' melodic guitar playing, Busy Living brings an energy packed live show that is truly an experience. Busy Living released the "It's a War Out There!" EP in the summer of 2012 and plan to release their second EP in late 2014.

NEULORE was formed in Nashville, TN in the Autumn of 2009 to tell stories of hope. After releasing a well-crafted EP, "Apples & Eve", they have begun to take their heartfelt songs to the masses. With a live show that not only entertains, but affects, leaving the audience with a sense that anything is possible, Neulore is captivating the hearts of all who draw near. Describing their sound as "truth in modern tones" and boldly stating that "the new folk music has arrived" they are firmly rooted in the tradition of community, the pursuit of wisdom, and the telling of timeless stories from a fresh perspective.

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