VIVA CABARET - Tribute to the Greatest Divas. World Pride Affiliated Event.

Viva Cabaret - tribute to the greatest divas

Viva Cabaret is an electrifying tribute to the most fabulous Divas of all times: Cher, Tina, Liza, Madonna, Freddy, Kylie, Michael, Judy, Gaga, and 25 more. Brace yourself for one show-stopping performance after another! Dance, sing and celebrate with outstanding impersonations of outrageous characters. Viva Cabaret combines the best of dance, music, Broadway, Hollywood, ballet, clowning, and the magic that can only be experienced in a live theatre. You’ll be on your feet and cheering at the energy and passion Yury brings to his world famous characters. This glamorous, well-acted, funny and entertaining spectacle will be the highlight of your World Pride experience.


Tickets Available at the Door

*Tickets will go off sale at 12pm on June 25, 2014.

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