The Good Festival

The Good Festival

The Good Festival celebrates local music and good food initiatives with cooking demos + sustainable-living workshops between bands' sets. Hosted by Local Roots NYC, the Good Festival is a fundraiser for CSA in the Classroom, their sister non-profit that teaches youth about healthy food choices and the local food system. Workshops include Plant Propagation, Making Cheese By Hand, Pizza Making 101, and more. There will be a photo booth and we'll crack open the annual piñata at 10pm.

Juan Wauters (DJ)

In 2000, Alberto Wauters left Uruguay to live in a basement in Queens. Two years later he called his son, Juan, to join him. Working at a factory, and with no friends to speak of, Juan turned to music. With his debut Wauters dreams big, sings rad, and films some pretty cool music videos to accompany.

This is some writing that this girl Maud did about about us on her blog. I don't know this girl, if I did she would ... (more) know how actually messy my apartment is or how truly, beautifully refined my taste in movies is. I'm also using this, as I'm wont to do, without her permission, but mostly because her blog doesn't offer any way of getting in touch with her. Without further ado: Sweaty boys playing sloppy drunk jammy music is the reason why I like dudes, and Wild Yaks do it oh so well. I want to be their friends because I bet they have a really dirty apartment and watch really good movies. I want to listen to their music because it's masculine and not at all pretentious and they're so into it and their glasses slide off their noses and their shorts are too short.

The drummer looks like a beardier Williamsburgier Iggy Pop. They sing songs about girls and love and tomahawks and pearls like the world and beg for a new guitar when they bust their own. They have a saxophone player with really sticky-uppy hair. You could totally kick ass and run around and drive your car to their songs. Their myspace url is "boyhoodforever" which makes me think they may be aware of how dudely they are but it makes me like them more. They also played this slower song that actually DID remind me of Jonathan Richman, specifically the part in "A Plea For Tenderness" that goes "I know how beautiful death is (duh duh duh duh duh)/ I know why you hate life..." and so on. They're kind of like a screamier Modern Lovers. Or maybe they're just what The Modern Lovers would be like if they weren't straight edge. If they were real real real drunk.


"Brooklyn post-punk trio Household has all the taut, jittery rhythmic propulsion of vintage art-pulsers like LiLiPUT and Delta 5, but the band adds a gorgeous, infectious layer of minor-key harmonies taken from the first wave of '90s twee. Guitarist Talya Cooper says the twin vocal dynamic between her and drummer Jenna Weiss-Berman sprung from an office friendship where the two fielded technical service phone calls for a nonprofit and chatted about bands like Huggy Bear and Black Tambourine: "I asked her if she wanted to play drums in a band with me while we were, no joke, standing by the water cooler." Bassist Isabel Freeman joined up, and the three recorded the sardonic Items, an album of two-minute ragers where pop melodies float determinedly over jagged rhythms and clipped, strangled guitars." - Village Voice

The Wives

The Wives are a garage rock band whose members converge in New York City but hail from around the United States. What started as a couple one-off, liquor-fueled jam sessions at the cheapest practice spaces they could find became a legitimate project for Thom Levin (vocals, guitar), Danny Gomez (vocals, guitar), Dmitri Potemkin (bass), and Charlie Ambler (drums). The band set-up might be conventional, but their chemistry and mixture of doo-wop, surf rock, punk and garage rock is definitely unique.

The Suzan

The Suzan are a pop-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2004 by sisters Rie (keyboards and vocals) and Saori (guitar and vocals). Soon they added school friends Nico (drums) and Ikue (bass) where their sound has been variously described as riot-grrl, pop and punk, and also incorporates elements of jazz, soul, surf and dance music. After releasing an EP “Suzan Kingdom” (2004) and then “Suzan Galaxy” (2007) on super cool Japanese indie label ROSE RECORDS, The Suzan toured throughout Europe creating an army of fans wherever they played.

Their irresistible charm captivated Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John – whom they convinced to produce their album with a MySpace message. The resulting album “Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat” (2010) found its way to tastemaker indie label Fool’s Gold, (Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and Duck Sauce) to release the album worldwide.

The first single, “Home” captured high praise for its unique blast of fun with it’s sweetly funky, hard-to-pin-down pop. This set the stage for the press to follow for the LP Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat. The Suzan have since gathered the reputation as one of the most unique groups out there. Even The Suzan’s cover versions of bands like Miike Snow and The Strokes have created viral buzz on Twitter with stars like Mark Ronson and Amanda Palmer raving about them. Even the NFL picked up the bands fun vibe by using The Suzan song “Come Come” in a NFL Verizon TV campaign for the 2011 NFL season. Their latest video for “Ha Ha Ha” was part of the DELL computer online “Create.Work.Inspire” campaign.

Since camping in New York in 2011, The Suzan have build a rabid fanbase from their exciting live show with tours with bands like Chromeo, Peter Bjorn and John, Titus Andronicus, Datarock, Zambri and playing the hottest club parties with local bands in all of New York and Brooklyn. 2013 brings a Documentary film on The Suzan -“The First Step” by famed Mike Nogami showing the band’s self assured efforts into taking on taking on the world. The band has just returned from some touring in Japan and Sweden with a new album produced again by Bjorn Yttling that along with touring will keep the band busy in 2013.

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