Vensaire is kind of like Animal Collective on acid, it's really catchy but dreamy and trippy at the same time. The boys in the band are a good looking bunch and put on a great show (when they aren't too wasted). They are brand-spanking new, so talk about this band at a party and reach uber-hipness. - Guest of a Guest

Bubbles are Alain Levitt (Beats, electronics) and Jason P. Grisell (Vocals, electronics, live instruments). Together they make inclusive and deeply personal synth-pop music that continually careens and falls forward. Ecstatic wordplay and vocals are coupled with brilliantly inventive beatmaking that is furthered by explorations of low-end frequencies, noise guitar, melodic bass guitar lines and analog and digital synthesis. The goal? To experience the simple human pleasure of listening to a song that speaks to the emotions, the brain, and the heart; to craft perfect pop songs and euphoric hooks capable of piercing through the paranoia and depression of the modern world.Bubbles' compositions are initially created apart, a flurry of emails between Manhattan and Brooklyn transporting the various musical parts back and forth until both Alain and Jason come together to complete the mix. Their initial songs were a strange brew of 90s West Coast hip-hop and an unidentified band off of the soundtrack to a John Hughes film. These sounds were soon to be followed by nods to classic dance floor styles of downtown NYC circa the 1980s, post-punk scratch, ghostly synth-pop hooks, survivalist spirit, the orange juice drinking, ecstasy eaters of Manchester, bedroom beat-makers and DIY explorers worldwide - all coming together in what a fan at one of their shows was heard calling, "a blend of The Pet Shop Boys and Suicide".Jason and Alain are transplanted New Yorkers, both having left California nearly ten years ago. Alain can often be found scouring New York looking for old and forgotten drum machines and synths. Jason is usually found in the New York Public Library with his face in a book. Since the band got together a year ago they have played a number of well-received shows in NYC at venues such as Webster Hall Studio, Don Hills, Max Fish, Secret Project Robot, Glasslands, Santos Party House and outdoor festivals such as Pandamonium Park. In the Spring and Summer of 2011, Bubbles supported U.K. band Florence and the Machine at Central Park Summerstage, toured several East Coast cities with Gang Gang Dance, and played numerous shows at NYC galleries, stores, and performance spaces. In November 2011 Bubbles will be curating a residency at Santos Party House in New York City with Spencer Sweeney, Sean Hanratty, and Johnny Misheff for the friday night party, Spencer's Gifs. Bubbles will be re-issuing their sold out debut EP on the Playbutton format and Vinyl 12". They are currently recording their follow-up full length release.

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"A darker, paranoid underbelly haunts Magnifier from the very moment it opens with a tense hissing static...Filled with intricate instrumental flourishes, every song on Magnifier feels at the cusp of bursting at the seams"
- Jonny Leather (Mecca Lecca Recording Co.)

Honey Wild

Honey Wild is a rock 'n roll band from Brooklyn. Named after a favorite Beach Boys record, 1967's Wild Honey, they draw influence from melodic 60s rock, as well as the frenetic Afro-Pop of fellow New Yorkers Dirty Projectors and Vampire Weekend. The band formed in late 2011 through mutual friends at Williamsburg's Blackbird Parlour, where front-man Joe Stevens was working as a line cook and soon met college friends Andy Payne and Steven Laing, ultimately turning the band a foursome with the addition of childhood friend Alex Rainer. Honey Wild balances A.D.D. songwriting with pop sensibility, with songs that often surround city life and bohemia.

This past April they toured the Midwest behind their debut release, Mea Culpa EP, which Peter Ianelli of The Wild Honey Pie wrote "will no doubt have you bobbing your head". Recently Honey Wild performed as part of the POP Montreal festival, as well as New York's CMJ. On November 18th, the band will release a 7" double A-side, Garden / Magnifique Innocent, on Brooklyn's Shorewave Records with a release-show at Mercury Lounge, NY. Joe Sparrow of ANBAD writes, "[the music] immediately elevates itself from good guitar pop to good guitar pop with added curiosities. And all of a sudden, Honey Wild are a band to watch."


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