Still Hand String Band

4 Pc. Spazzgrass machine hailing from northeastern pennsyltucky

Still Hand String Band is a four-piece progressive jamgrass machine, instilling their hand into the future of bluegrass music. Hailing from the coal region of north eastern Pennsylvania, SHSB plays a wide variety of original and cover material leaving no genre of music untouched. Their heap of originals, although bluegrass at heart, are influenced by rock, jazz, country, psychedelia, reggae, classical compositions, and other traditional and untraditional styles. Lyrical content ranges from songs about the open road, riding the American railroad drunk in a boxcar, strong whiskey, fast women, and an angry dinosaur named Harold. With all four members coming from very different musical backgrounds, none of which being bluegrass, Still Hand has found a sound that you cant quite put a name on, other than spazzmatic, schizophrenic bluegrass. SHSB has a knack for taking the songs of yesteryear and revitalizing them with a modern twist and a youthful vigor. For the past two years they have taken the northeast festival and club scene by storm, sharing the bill with a with a whole slew of nationally recognized acts such as, Mickey Hart Band, 7 Walkers, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Wailers, Dark Star Orchestra, Keller Williams, Terrapin Flyer, Larry Keel and the Natural Bridge, ALO, Antibalas, and Floodwood to name a few. Wherever they play these guys get the crowd astompin’.


Mysterytrain is a five-piece psychedelic jam band originally from the Central Pennsylvania region. The band believes that music is best served and enjoyed in a live setting with kind people having a great time. The band and crew are committed to creating an evening of song that is special and unforgettable.

A typical Mysterytrain performance includes two sets. The first set establishes the tempo for the evening and allows the band and the fans to get settled into a musical groove. The second set is when the magic can happen. Long improvisational jams and interconnecting songs allow the music to breathe and come to life.

Influences ranging in Rock n’ Roll, Country, Bluegrass, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin Percussion, and Blues have created an endless array of musical styles from which to draw. With plenty of original material, no two shows or set lists are ever the same.

Pan is a four-piece, original rock 'n' roll band from Northeastern Pennsylvania formed in August of 2011. Members of Pan have played together, shared bills and stages with each other while in other bands and most importantly have remained friends for over ten years.

Influenced by countless classic rock, blues, folk and psychedelic artists, Pan's music is unique while feeling familiar with a focus on honest, insightful lyrics and a fascination with improvisational music.

The Backwoods Experiment

still ..grassin'

Straight from the heart of the backwoods comes a heavy hitting blend of acoustic power and psycho-billy drive. Combining the passion of four good friends with a love of all things natural, this musical conglomeration pays homage to the musical greats while changing the way people view acoustic music. With over 40 originals, including a bluegrass opera, the compositions continue to evolve and bridge the gap between generations of music lovers.

Brother Owen Macdonald provides his original rock-n-roll style on the
mandolin along with sharp vocal variety. Brother Tim Mayo breaks through banjo boundaries to bring the instrument to a new audience and his creativity and drive assures an experience unique to each show. Brother Matt Amato fuels the machine with his rhythmic bass tones and solid count. Finally, Brother Chris Musto picks guitar and tells tales of the backwoods along their path of musical experimentation.

The Backwoods Experiment has spread to all types of music festivals,
sprouting in the most unusual places and thriving on the essence of each show. They have provided shade and shelter, filling that basic human need for something real. Music, like life, is an experiment, step into the backwoods.

Hitchin' Cricket

Hitchin' Cricket is an American rock band based in the rural hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Their live performances generate the kind of buzz and hoopla that only can surround the kind of talent that is on the verge of national success.

Emerging onto the national music scene from their home base in Pleasant Mount, Hitchin’ Cricket has been described as The Marshall Tucker Band by way of Bob Dylan, The Temptations, Hank Williams, Ween and Wilco. Hitchin’ Cricket’s music is not hard to describe. It is pure original yet familiar, fresh rock ‘n’ roll rolled up tightly for all to dance and sing to. Their melodies light up the skies firmly rooted with ingredients which include Americana, 70’s R&B, folk, outlaw country and a touch of soul.

Having begun their career in an old apartment above their landlord’s barbershop, the unscrupulous Hitchin’ Cricket evolved into a clan of cronies forever trying to crack the thick skin of the dirty business of music. They encourage “socials” between all of their songs, keep people humming their sounds for days on end and write music for the common man. With ten years of making music, touring and engulfed working on their 4th studio album, Hitchin’ Cricket is the train engine band we all need in our lives.

Sustaining Hitchin’ Cricket throughout the years, writing and touring incessantly, they have already established a large and passionate following throughout the music and club scene.


been playing grateful dead, allman brothers and bob dylan covers for 20 years in the wyoming valley area

DuckDuck Goose

Uncle Jake & the 18 Wheel Gang



A collective of Lehigh Valley musicians spreading creative, conscious energy through music and sound . . .
psychedelic, Folk, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Trance

The Appalachian Gypsy Tribe sound transcends the spectrum of music from one end to the next. The creative songwriting touches down on multiple genres before soaring off again into the next on a psychedelic sound craft. The musicianship has been building for years, and now it has come together as the new sensation of improvisation, Appalachian Gypsy Tribe!

Stones of Atlantis

Stones of Atlantis is a northeast PA-based band with an eclectic style set apart from the usual cover bands and typical sounds you hear out these days. With influences like The Grateful Dead, Hanoi Rocks, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Tom Waits, Stones of Atlantis mixes their own blend of original sounds with their own takes on many of their biggest influences. The result is always a true-to-heart sound with obvious emotion. Each member has a different background in music, different influences, and different experience, which adds up to a combined variety of talent that produces soulful music from within each of them. Along with percussion, electric guitar, and bass, they mix in saxophone, harmonica, upright bass, and whatever else feels right in the moment to make versitile & original music sure to please a wide range of musical taste! Available for bookings.

Tim McGurl

Tim McGurl has been a professional musician and singer/songwriter for over 45 years. He has performed as a solo artist, as well as a member of many bands from the northeast, including Whiskey Creek, Karma Farm, Dead Branch Band, Mo’ Holiday, Bogart and The Relics and later became a founding member of The Village Idiots, a popular NEPA jam-band, performing music in the style of the Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Early in his career, Tim lived in Belgium and performed in cafés in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. In addition, he was featured in several live concerts broadcast over Belgian National Radio. He has interwoven many musical styles and genres into his own original compositions, drawing from traditional Americana folk and folk-rock, to acoustic and electric traditional British-Isles tunes, to the Blues.

Mountain Sky Orchestra

Winner of the 2016 Electric City Music Conference-Best Jam Band of the Year
Current band members include Joe Statuo, Patrick Casper, Tommy Evans, Kevin Cucura, Brian Mac and Michael 'Ragu' Rogowski. They are frequently accompanied by any number of Mountain Sky family musicians.

The Mountain Sky Orchestra is a band forged out of mutual love for music and sharing in that Grateful vibe



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