Ad Hoc Presents Hieroglyphic Being, Jahiliyya Fields, Aurora Halal

Hieroglyphic Being

An American Sound Artist & Experimental Composer having recorded for a variety of labels (including Sony Europe - Axis/6277- Ghostly/Spectral - Creme - PlayHouse/Klang Elektronik and Mathematics Recordings - SameSoulDifferentbodyImprint), and as a Former Member of The Dirty Criminals (International Deejay Gigolo Records) Voted URB Magazines Top 100 in 2004 as a Group , Jamal Moss has long been a part of the Chicago house/techno scene as both a Promoter/Producer and DJ. Moss’s first creative endeavors were as part of a crew that created industrial soundscapes / Art Noise for the Liquid Love parties at the famed Powerplant in Chicago from 1989-90. When the Powerplant was closed, Moss and his cohorts started Liquid Sex, which became a magnet for many well-known house artists such as Steve Poindexter, who put Moss in touch with future collaborators the Chicago Bad Boys collective. From the Fall of 1993 - to the Summer of 1996 was Host/DJ for WNUR'S 89.3 StreetBeat Program Showcasing a segment named JACK-FM( Thank U Shaun Fahey ). He was also taken under the wing of house legend Adonis, who became a key mentor figure in Moss’s life and an inspiration for his moniker: "I decided to give myself meaning and purpose, to honor my father (who gave me life) and my mentor Adonis (who gave me knowledge); I named myself Hieroglyphic Being ( Performed Live at 2004 DEMF'S Underground Stage / A Featured Artists In Germany's DE:BUG Magazine issue 92 in 2005 / Voted URB Magazines Top 100 in 2005 & has Composed Works Featured On Time Out Magazines The Other side of Paris DVD Guide Along with Bauhaus/Front 242/Black Strobe & Composed works for a Tribute to Robert Moog Benefit Compilation & a Featured Artist in Xlr8tr's 100 Aniversary issue aug 2006 & has done Analog Composition Covers & Analog Editing For Alexander Robotnick - Miles Davis - Sun Ra in 2007 & 2008 ).” And the last of the line of producers directly influenced by Ron Hardy at the Music Box, which he is uniquely qualified to write a new chapter of Chicago's Rich Musical history.

Jahiliyya Fields

Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal is a producer, video artist, and creator of Brooklyn's Mutual Dreaming party series & the Sustain-Release festival. Shadowy & psychedelic, her hardware live sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity. She's spent the last two years touring Europe, performing live music and analog video.

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