Little Man "Original Face" CD Release

Chris Perricelli began playing guitar at age 13 in Hamilton, Massachusetts. His first band in high school was called The One Eyed Kurtz. They were highly respected for their originals. Chris played many solo electric shows at school and in town as well as with the band at talent shows. At age 17, Chris found a paying job during his junior and senior year as he joined a classic rock cover band as lead guitarist with guys almost twice his age. The Curtis Haines Band played many night clubs on Massachusetts north shore area earning Chris a high standing amongst friends and live music goers. Chris becomes known as “The Kid“.
Leaving home, Chris moved to Chicago and attends college at DePaul University with help of a music scholarship. He was a Sound Recording Tech. major at the school of music. It is here that Perricelli forms Little Man. “About a Painting” becomes the self-released debut EP recorded by Phil Bonnet in 1998. After this release came “Core of Discovery” in 2000. A full length album recorded by classmate Ed Tinley with Dave Cottini on drums and Derek Brovold on bass. The following year Cottini joined the Universal signed Ike Reilly Assassination and Chris joined them as a guitar technician on their national tours. By 2002 work was slow and Chris felt the need for a big change.
He ended work with Ike, moved to the Twin Cities and formed a new Little Man with Ken DeVoe on drums and Heath Henjum on bass. This new trio produced “Big Rock” in 2004. A self-released full length album recorded by Rich Mattson. The band now begins to build a bigger reputation by playing more local shows and by touring the mid-west.
In 2006 Ben Foote joined on bass and Ryan Otte on drums adding more charismatic performances to Little Man’s shows while 2007 brought Little Man more into the forefront of the Twin Cities music scene with "Soulful Automatic". Perricelli worked with four different producers to realize this colorful classic sounding rock album that the media placed high on their best albums of the year lists. The City Pages did a cover story and named Little Man Best Rock Band 2007.
Perricelli continued to make the band shine with the 2009 release “Of Mind And Matter.” Pulling from his Kinks, Zeppelin, Bowie and T. Rex influences, this album is lush with layered vocals and strings to create an experience of fantasy and wonder. Produced by Ed Tinley (Ike Reilly, Liz Phair) he helped Chris realize this project while recording in an old hunting lodge just outside Chicago.
2011 brings Chris back to Chicago to record the "Orbital Amusement" EP with long time producer Ed Tinley. An astral modern rock album with help from z.vex effects with new sounds and a new direction. Drummer Sean Gilchrist and bass player Brian Herb form the new sounds of Little Man.
2014 has Little Man releasing the full length album called "Original Face". While expanding on the ideas of the previous release yet keeping their strong influences on their sleeve with the same member line-up, the new album explores Self-realization and human emotion with zen-like precision. The Little Man live rock show is not to be missed. Exuding with passion and that rock star quality that really pulls you into a performance, Perricelli keeps growing leaps and bounds.

Pink Mink

Pink Mink was what happened when everyone was making other plans. Christy Hunt had returned from 2 years of touring as the guitarist for the Von Bondies and posted a defeatist status update on Facebook about quitting music and going back to school. Longtime friend Arzu Gokcen saw this post and threatened to lock her in a closet with her guitar until she changed her mind. The two, at similar crossroads in their musical paths, decided to give playing together a shot. And it worked beautifully. While jamming in Christy's basement, they added seasoned engineer and producer Jacques Wait along with drumming ace Charles Gehr and soon the foursome found themselves forming a band - and February 2010, Pink Mink was born.

Having the history of all taking part in previously successful outfits (Von Bondies, Selby Tigers, Ouija Radio, etc.) it took no time at all for word to spread about this new formation, and Pink Mink found themselves playing festivals and big shows after barely writing songs for six months. Even with all the attention, they were humbled and surprised to have landed the coveted "Picked To Click" honor in City Pages magazine just a short 8 months after playing their first chords together. All this, and their debut album was nowhere near being finished yet.

Finally, after a little over a year of being together, Pink Mink regionally-released their self-titled debut in July 2011. The celebration culminated as the band held their release party on a riverboat on the rivers of the great Mississippi. Being known for throwing a grand party, the "cocktail cruise" did not disappoint. Beyond the party reviews, the critics and fans had much praise for the debut album.

Pink Mink is now taking the album out nationally and hit college radio on February 7, 2012. Soon, a 7" vinyl will be released on Kiss Of Death Records and the band will hit the road in support of both releases. Call your radio stations and record stores to request Pink Mink. Check back from information on Pink Mink coming to your town.

FURY THINGS is the result of three headstrong musicians and a practice space in an abandoned acrylic fabrication plant. With a love of 90s alternative rock, fuzz pedals, strange tunings and amplifiers turned to ten, they began making music in August of 2012. The music hearkens to the noisy, chest punch of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and the hooks of Foo Fighters and Superchunk, while straying sometimes into pop and surf territory. It's always loud and it's always fun. With Kyle Werstein on guitar and vocals, Devon Bryant on bass and Andrew Carson on drums, the trio found much common ground in the music they listen to, and their mutual love for volume and melody shines through in their songs. Together they have released two EPs and are planning shows in and outside of their native Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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