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Michelle Chamuel

This is traditionally the section of the website where you learn more about Michelle Chamuel in third person. Someone might say things like, "Chamuel was born and raised in Massachusetts on a diet of Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Tchaikovsky, and top 40 radio" which is correct, or "hype hype hype MICHELLE CHAMUEL hype hype award-winning vocalist, hype AMAZING," and make her sound really exciting.

But the truth is, I am really excited about the things Michelle has done as well as the things she's about to do, and I am Michelle Chamuel. So I will tell you as myself.

1) I was brought up listening to the eclectic mix of music my parents chose to play. This music had a strong emotional and melodic core. And this is the core of the music I make. Music has kept me company my whole life and I aim to make music that keeps other people company as well.

2) I'm an introvert. I get energy from being on my own, though I love people and conversations. Music also fills my energy cup right up. This is why I happily get out on stages and share music with people. Like some of the best conversations, music is engaging, fun, honest, respectful, cathartic, enlightening, and brings people together.

3) I am independent. I like to take my time and make sure every step I take is in line with who I am. And it's also important to point out that I would not be where I am today without the help, support, encouragement, guidance, and love from those around me. This life is a gift, I want to take that gift, plant it like a seed, take care of it, let it bloom, so I have enough to give back several times over.

4) Some exciting things I've done:

- fronted the Michigan electronic-rock band, Ella Riot (formerly My Dear Disco). We played hundreds of shows across the US from Alaska to Texas to Boston.

- with America's support, placed 2nd on season 4 of NBC's The Voice. Usher Raymond was my mentor and I learned so much from him, his team, and the wonderful people that make that show possible.

- presented a TEDx talk on finding home in music.

- written/recorded/produced a solo album as The Reverb Junkie. Through the support of frans (friend-fans), The Reverb Junkie album, All I Want, reached #6 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts and #1 on the iTunes Electronic charts in September, 2013.

- completed my debut single, “Go Down Singing,” produced and co-written by Theo Katzman and Tyler Duncan, and features Jeremy Kittel on strings. “Go Down Singing” is an infectious pop-anthem about learning to shine, and is set for release on November 19th, 2013.

- taken a walk almost every day for the past year. It's good for the soul.

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