D’ARKESTRA is a nonet that plays an amalgamation of post-rock and indie-jazz. The music is often cinematic, characterized by odd metered grooves, juxtaposed sections, tight horn lines, improvisation and resonant melodies. Leader, songwriter and saxophonist Drew Miller has a growing resume that includes performances and/or recordings with Spoon, Wanda Jackson, Lucky Pineapple, Another 7 Astronauts, Scott Carney/Wax Fang, Cheyenne Mize, 23 String Band, The Ladybirds, Junk Yard Dogs and appearances with a slew of other Louisville and regional artists. The group formed in early 2012 and was initially an instrumental ensemble. When recording their first record "Ghost Town" in June, 2012, they solicited the help of songstress Dane Waters to contribute vocals on a few songs. The vocals added such a balance to the sound they sought out someone who could join on a permanent basis. After another year of writing, recording and playing shows Drew and D’ARKESTRA have produced another adventurous and honest record called "Little Voices." This show will be the official party for the release of "Little Voices!"

Shutaro Noguchi

SHUTARO NOGUCHI is from Japan and in 2010 he moved to Louisville, Kentucky after finishing his college degree and internship at FAME studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He quickly found musical outlets as a collaborator with K Tranza and Another 7 Astronauts. From 2013 he started recording his own songs and is currently working on a solo album, while hosting the radio program Midnight Locker with Nathan Simmons at ART.FM. His style of music varies but generally is melody-oriented, minimal acoustic guitar singer-songwriting sung in Japanese with a flavor of traditional-folk, backed by ensembles of synth and electric guitar. He is influenced by music from America and around the world, and Pajo.


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