Everclear is an American rock band formed in 1992. The predominant line-up was Art Alexakis (vocals/guitar), Craig Montoya (bass/vocals) and Greg Eklund (drums/vocals), but Montoya and Eklund departed the band in 2003. Alexakis continued performing as Everclear with a new lineup comprising Davey French (guitar), Sam Hudson (bass), Josh Crawley (keyboards), and Brett Snyder (drums).
Alexakis was the founding member, recruiting Montoya and original drummer Scott Cuthbert in order to form his own band after his earlier group Colorfinger had broken up and his record label Shindig Records had failed.
After a couple of early releases (the EP Nervous & Weird and the full length World of Noise) the band sought a major label deal, settling with Capitol Records in 1994. Unfortunately this was the point at which Cuthbert left; Eckland replaced him. In 1995 the released Sparkle and Fade and the success of the single "Santa Monica" buoyed the initially sluggish sales. The album finally went platinum.
So Much for the Afterglow was released in 1997 but after a disastrous tour of Australia the band very nearly split. Nonetheless the album was successful, earning them a Grammy nomination and double platinum status.
It was at this point that Alexakis had intended to release a solo effort, but having recorded it with touring musicians, he decided he was unhappy with it and re-recorded it as another Everclear album. 2000's Songs from an American Movie, Vol 1: Learning How to Smile was the result, together with its successful single "Wonderful". Hard on its heels came Songs from an American Movie, Vol 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude which was also released in 2000 but this double release move was not the commercial success the label had hoped for.
Slow Motion Daydream was released in 2003 but it didn't fare at all well compared with their earlier platinum successes. Eventually Montoya and Eklund left the band, with Montoya going on to Tri-Polar and Eklund forming The Oohlas. Alexakis continued with Everclear in its new guise, releasing Welcome to the Drama Club in late 2006

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