The Survival Tour featuring: The Nearly Deads & It Lives It Breathes, with support from: Our Waking Deception, Above All Else From Mars To Mariana and Lost Continent

The Nearly Deads

Fresh off a Converse Battle of the Bands win at the Journey's Backyard BBQ in Nashville, TN, and a #14 spot on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart, The Nearly Deads are primed and ready to explode. The Nashville-based DIY band has created a buzz of their very own, mixing the polished pop vocals of singer Theresa Jeane with aggressive grunge-inspired instrumentals of Steve Tobi, Cory Walen, Kevin Koelsch, and Brandon Barnes. The Nearly Deads have managed to create a truly unique genre that not only gives a nod to gritty grunge, but brings it back in a way never heard before. Imagine Kelly Clarkson as front-woman of the Foo Fighters.
The band, originally formed in Tampa, FL, recently filmed a music video for their song "Never Look Back". That video lead to a viral outbreak creating over 2 million views on YouTube. Not only did Nashville producer Jon King (Augustana, 3 Pill Morning, Throwing Gravity) record and produce their EP, he also directed the video. The buzz continues to grow every day, partly due to the social networking prowess of the band members themselves. The Deads are truly connected to their fans, and they have built up a "zombie nation" of die-hard supporters.
Recently the band conquered two of the world's largest musical festivals, Summerfest and the Vans Warped Tour, and they have no intention of slowing down. TND will be touring in the fall as well as getting back into the studio with Jon King. What makes The Nearly Deads so likable is not just their undeniably catchy songwriting, but the fact that they are down to earth and passionate about what they do. Their self-titled EP is currently available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, and in other fine digital retailers.

It Lives It Breathes

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Our Waking Deception

Initially forming with members coming from other metal bands (Contents Of A Deadman's Pockets, Smiles As She Cries), we have united to form Our Waking Deception. We are a hardcore-metal band hailing from DE & PA.

Above All Else

Three ex members of local Tri-State bands and two others got together to form this diverse Metalcore/Hardcore band based out of Northern Delaware .. We are consistently working on music and all have a different style and sound to pitch in. Live we are energetic and creative and will get your blood flowing! We just want to get our name and music out there any way possible!! Back in November 2013 long time friends Kyle and Tyler decided to get together after their band breakups to start a serious project.. After weeks of worry we started to find additional members and make progress. We only have music to live for. It didn't take long to finish our line-up and get the ball rolling on this project. We are kids trying to have fun and do music for a living and do nothing but move forward!

Lost Continent

Lost Continent plays a blend of progressive and melodic death metal, pulling from the many varied influences of the 5 members. Hoping to release first single "Obsidian Sphinx" soon, they are continuing to write killer grooves and sweet melodies to play for anyone that will listen.

Kevin Corder
Nick Pitts
Kenton Harrison
Mike Prazenica
Steve Senger

From Mars to Mariana

Eric Gallen - Vocals
Jacob Johnson - Lead Guitar
Dave Wallace - Rhythm Guitar
Christian Ward - Bass/Vocals
Lloyd Layfield - Drums
Mike Bukowski - Keys

$8.00 - $10.00


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