Finnish folk-metal ensemble Korpiklaani (Forest Clan) formed in 2002 after the members of Shaman decided to update both their sound and name. Taking cues from both the Scandinavian metal scene and the burgeoning progressive folk movement, vocalist/guitarist Jonne Järvelä, violinist Jaakko Lemmetty, drummer Matti "Matson" Johansson, bass player Arto Tissari, guitarist Toni Honkanen, and percussionist Ali Määttä released their debut, Spirit of the Forest, on Napalm Records in 2003. The group gained a new member, accordion player Juho Kauppinen, in 2004, but lost Määttä, Honkanen, and Tissari after 2005's Voice of Wilderness. Guitar player Kalle "Cane" Savijärvi and new bassist Jarkko Aaltonen added to the cacophony for 2006's Tales Along This Road, another fine collection of whiplash folk and folk-inspired hedonism that rocks harder than most conventional metal acts. The similarly themed Tervaskanto arrived in 2007, followed by Korven Kuningas in 2008

ChthoniC, praised as one of the best bands performed at the Ozzfest in 2007 by the New York Times, is a heavy metal band born in Taiwan over a decade ago. ChthoniC was invited to perform at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in 2000, and was the winner of "best group" award at the Taiwanese 14th Golden Melody Awards in 2003. In 2007, Chthonic was invited to perform at the biggest rock festival in the US, the Ozzfest, the Wacken Open Air music festival in Germany, and was the first Taiwanese band to take part in the MIDEM, an international music expo held in Cannes, France. In September of 2010, ChthoniC was confirmed to play in Loud Park festival in Japan."
In 2006, ChthoniC's North American and European tours made it to renowned music magazines including Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Rock Sounds, Kerrang!, as well as international media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the TV netowrk ABC in the US. ChthoniC's outstanding achievements in more than a decade have made it a star among Asian metal bands in the eyes of North American and European rockers.
After inking a contract with Spinefarm Records/Universal Music in 2009, the band released its fifth album in September of that year, Mirror of Retribution, and completed two UK and North American tours through over 30 cities in the US, UK, and Canada. ChthoniC's popularity in Europe and in North America boosted rapidly after the 2009 tours.
Besides being a familiar face in major music magazine worldwide, ChthoniC was voted to win the second place in both "best band" and "best album" by readers of the UK rock magazine Terrorizer in January, 2010. In addition, each member of the band was honored with the eighth to the second places as best musicians.
In 2010, ChthoniC released a new single Painkiller in September, finished their solo concerts over Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and got fantastic response from fans and media at "Loud Park" festival in Japan.

The band Varg was founded in 2005 by Freki and has released three Full-length Albums and one Split Album by now.

The first album "Wolfszeit" was released in 2007 and written by the first Line-Up, consisting of Freki (Lead Guitar), Fenrier (Drums), Geri (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) and Skol (Bass). This Album had a great impact on the Underground Pagan Metal Scene and pushed the band forward very well.

Soon after the release of that album, Geri and Skol decided to leave the band due to musical differences and Draugr (Vocals), Hati (Rhythm Guitar) and Managarm (Bass & Backing Vocals) took their places.

Under this Line-Up the Split Album "Schildfront Germania" was released with Minas Morgul in 2008.

After playing lots of concerts and bigger festival shows in 2008 and 2009, Draugr decided to put focus on his work and family and in turn left the band.
Conveniently Freki took his place and with Skalli the band found someone refilling his place at the lead guitar.

On the 29st of January 2010 "Blutaar" was released together with the new major label Noise Art Records. This album takes the typical Varg sound to a new level of rude thoroughgoingness and thicker sound.

On the 4th of March 2011 "Wolfskult" was released again via Noise Art Records and hit the german charts on #33.


On distant, misty plains, echoes the sound of steel clanking on steel--the gallop of a thousand frenzied horses--the swollen beat of war drums. Scores of warriors bellow their anthems of victory, while others cry out in pain as their last breaths are viciously forced from their lungs. These are the sounds of Winterhymn.

What the followers of metal now call Winterhymn was once but a cosmic seed spawned from the minds of Ulfr and Draug. By way of the duo's guitar and vocal onslaught, Sieven's resounding war-drums, the haunting threnodies of Exura and Umbriel and the thunderous bass of Warg, these dreams were wrenched from the firmament and used to forge a weapon of limitless power-one which thirsts for the destruction of all who would blaspheme the metal name.

With the fantasy and escapism of power metal and brutal bludgeoning of modern death and black metal comes Winterhymn, a natural force intent on musical conquest. Raise your swords and cheer with us, or ready your knees and fall before us. The invasion has begun.

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