Wacken Metal Battle Canada is a cross-Canada competition for metal bands. One band will rise above all others to represent their nation with highest honor and perform at the 2016 Wacken Festival in Germany.


The state within the current landscape of modern death metal has not shown its promise in what seems like ages. MITOCHONDRION has helped signal a paradigm shift destined to bring awareness to where the elite sanctions within the Canadian extreme metal scene now reside. Initially hailing from the city adjacent to the infamous Ross Bay cemetery, MITOCHONDRION made quite an impression within the death metal underground with their self-released, now out of print, “Archaeaeon” début in 2008. The band introduced the death metal world to their brand of time-stretching, vitriolic, complex, brutal ambient sound. Inevitably they would gain the reputation as one of Canada’s most devastating and creative death metal bands today with the release of “Parasignosis” in 2011.

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Known for their formidable musicianship and powerful songs, delivered with passion and conviction, OmnisighT is Vancouver Canada’s premier progressive hard rock/metal band. Starting as a collaboration between two highly prolific performers; vocalist/shred guitarist Raj Krishna and professional session drummer Chris Warunki, the duo amassed an abundance of songs together over the years before they enlisted producer/musician Dave Shannon to properly document it all. This meeting of the minds resulted in the release of their monolithic debut album "Path" via their own indie label, Warunki Media. OmnisighT's stellar live lineup (as seen on YouTube) was solidified shortly after the recording with the permanent addition of Dave Shannon (on bass and backing vocals) plus fellow shred guitarist Blake Rurik.

Everything you hear and see on “Path”, from the production (recording, mixing, mastering) right down to the artwork, was done “in-house” by the band themselves. Songs like “Tell Me”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Kept Away” and “Stop This World” could be played on mainstream rock radio while heavier tracks like “No Atrophy”, “Plasticine”, “Believe” and “Harmony/Shallow” would be heavy enough to please a diehard Metal audience. Whether leaning more towards “rock” or “metal”, either way, the melody and musicianship always remain in the forefront with an unquestionable presence and a strong, sincere delivery.

OmnisighT's album "Path", which features a guest appearance by Dave Martone (Virtuoso Guitarist and Magna Carta Recording Artist), has been causing a buzz in the press garnering favorable comparisons to Dream Theater, Soundgarden and Tool. Currently OmnisighT is looking for the right music industry professionals (booking agencies, managers, etc) to bridge the gap between the band and the large stages and audiences world-wide which they are more than ready, willing and able to perform in front of.

With their extreme musicianship, intense live show and huge melodic hooks, OmnisighT have been said to be “heavy music’s best kept secret”.
Hear it for yourself... the "Path"; awaits your footsteps.


Witch of the Waste is a vancouver band formed in 2009 by Guitarist JP dupuis and Vocalist/lyricist Ryan Fitzgerald. With the help of some friends and producer Florian Bey they wrote and recorded a 3 song demo and spent the next year rounding out the rest of the line up. In 2011 and 2012 JP and Ryan, joined by bassist John Pettifor, Guitarist Peter Sacco and drummer Jack Briscoe played shows in and around Vancouver as well as a couple small tours in BC and Alberta. In the summer of 2012 the five of them recorded an EP with Raincity producer Curtis Buckoll titled "All Other Voices".

Witch of the Waste was formed by friends who shared a mutual passion for aggressive music, art, and poetry. The goal was never to defy or define a genre, but rather to explore the nature of self expression and aesthetic experience through songs that are energetic loud and challenging. There is no ideological agenda. Only the promotion of art which is brutally honest and aggressively abrasive.

armed with a new rhythm section and a fresh EP, Witch of the Waste will be ruining a venue near you sometime in 2013.

Over the Coals is a female fronted metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia. After a few changes the band finally solidified their line up in 2011. Over the Coals recorded their first EP with Chris "Hollywood" Homes, and it set to be released in early 2013.
On January 21st, 2013 Over the Coals released their first music video. Directed and produced by Joshua Keith Young. The video can be found on YouTube under Over the Coals My Worth.
Over the Coals describes themselves as Metal, no need for specific genres, Over the Coals is just metal. Ever evolving, always trying new things, they just want to play music and have a good time.
Over the Coals plans on touring in 2013, and they are constantly writing new and heavier material.


Neck of the Woods is a energetic five piece progressive/technical/metal band from Vancouver, BC. Mixing technical riffage without loosing respect for the melodic groove, NOTW is a force to be reckoned with


Formed in 2007, Unleash The Archers have been hitting the road tirelessly from the moment they had songs to play. Starting with Vancouver Island, moving on to Western Canada, then all across the country and eventually the whole of North America, touring has been UTA's MO from the start. With the ever-rising popularity of social and digital media, hundreds of thousands of bands are now just one click away, but what can be done in studio can not always be reproduced live. UTA brings a kick ass live show, full of energy and charisma. They bring it from beginning to end, and then are more than happy to hang out after the show; no hiding out in green rooms or leaving after their set. UTA have worked very hard to build up a solid fan base and never take it for granted.



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