Wacken Metal Battle Canada is a cross-Canada competition for metal bands. One band will rise above all others to represent their nation with highest honor and perform at the 2016 Wacken Festival in Germany.


A new breed of speed/thrash metal has been born. Crafting metal with punishing grooves and flashy solos, CRUCIFLICTION takes the stage and destroys all competition.

Focusing on an energetic and musically technical live show, CRUCIFLICTION boasts dual lead guitars and infectious bass grooves. Complete with supersonic shotgun vocals, and ferocious drumming, CRUCIFLICTION will continue to perform their unique brand of speed/thrash metal across Canada, quickly moving onto the U.S. and beyond.

CRUCIFLICTION recorded their full length "Heresy Is Met With Fire" in the years 2012-2013 at Rain City Recorders and Long & McQuade. Working with talented producer and engineer Travis Box and the mastering guru Stuart McKillop, the result is a high energy, intense, and intricate example of what CRUCIFLICTION has to offer. With memorable riffs and solos that rival the band's influences, this taste of what CRUCIFLICTION
is able to accomplish has already started a buzz in the global metal community. CRUCIFLICTION'S inertia will only grow exponentially until they have overwhelmed metal fans the world over. Thrashers one and all, come forth and mosh!

Dead Asylum formed in Vancouver, BC at the end of 2011, featuring vocalist/guitarist Mike Lister, vocalist/guitarist Tyler Forde, bassist Tyler (Shit) Meierhofer and drummer Samantha Landa. Dead Asylum’s style spans the spectrum of metal--combining elements of thrash and death with melodic and grooving overtones--and echoes elements of band influences such as Exodus, Amon Amarth, Kreator and Dying Fetus. The band has toured Western Canada twice since 2012, and has supported acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Anvil, and Endast since its inception. Dead Asylum has become known for its throat-gripping riffs and rhythms and its energetic, balls-to-the-walls live performance.

Heavy and melodic, the eight tracks on Dead Asylum's debut album "General Carnage" (2013) were produced by Nick Engwer and Brady D and mixed/mastered by Chris “Hollywood” Holmes (Korn). Songs range from thrashy headbangers, to technical compositions, to chantable, heavy metal anthems. Lyrical themes include revolution and political uprising, the apocalypse, and—as the band name alludes—twisted facets of the human psyche.

Known for their formidable musicianship and powerful songs, delivered with passion and conviction, OmnisighT is Vancouver Canada’s premier progressive hard rock/metal band. Starting as a collaboration between two highly prolific performers; vocalist/shred guitarist Raj Krishna and professional session drummer Chris Warunki, the duo amassed an abundance of songs together over the years before they enlisted producer/musician Dave Shannon to properly document it all. This meeting of the minds resulted in the release of their monolithic debut album "Path" via their own indie label, Warunki Media. OmnisighT's stellar live lineup (as seen on YouTube) was solidified shortly after the recording with the permanent addition of Dave Shannon (on bass and backing vocals) plus fellow shred guitarist Blake Rurik.

Everything you hear and see on “Path”, from the production (recording, mixing, mastering) right down to the artwork, was done “in-house” by the band themselves. Songs like “Tell Me”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Kept Away” and “Stop This World” could be played on mainstream rock radio while heavier tracks like “No Atrophy”, “Plasticine”, “Believe” and “Harmony/Shallow” would be heavy enough to please a diehard Metal audience. Whether leaning more towards “rock” or “metal”, either way, the melody and musicianship always remain in the forefront with an unquestionable presence and a strong, sincere delivery.

OmnisighT's album "Path", which features a guest appearance by Dave Martone (Virtuoso Guitarist and Magna Carta Recording Artist), has been causing a buzz in the press garnering favorable comparisons to Dream Theater, Soundgarden and Tool. Currently OmnisighT is looking for the right music industry professionals (booking agencies, managers, etc) to bridge the gap between the band and the large stages and audiences world-wide which they are more than ready, willing and able to perform in front of.

With their extreme musicianship, intense live show and huge melodic hooks, OmnisighT have been said to be “heavy music’s best kept secret”.
Hear it for yourself... the "Path"; awaits your footsteps.

What’s in a name? Everything. And Vancouver-based Without Mercy certainly stays true to its name. Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated a fusion of death and thrash, a sound that shows off the band’s respect for, and dedication to both genres. Their progressive hybrid sound coupled with a notorious reputation for throwing down an unyielding, intense live show, have proved that a hard-core attitude can only equal a hard-core result.

Founded in 2004 by DJ Temple, Without Mercy has gone from strength to strength over the years. They released their first EP “All Else Fails” in 2007 completely independent and used its humble beginnings to begin the catapulting of performances, internet presence and radio play. In 2009, Without Mercy went on to independently create their self-titled debut which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Vancouver’s legendary Factory Studios (Devin Townsend, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson) which proved to be exclamation point on the attention surrounding the up and coming four piece. Without Mercy went on to ride the attention wave of their self-titled debut, using the escalation of attention to begin a relentless performance schedule that would lead them far from their hometown. After two tours of their native country and over 50 live performances, Without Mercy took the next logical step and began to write a follow up album.

In the summer of 2013 Without Mercy began pre-production on their long awaited third studio release. DJ Temple hand-picked a team of industry professionals and has once again took on the role of producer for the EP properly titled, “Reborn”. The industry professionals became a part of DJ’s production team known as “Temple Entertainment” and have together given birth to an album that will prove to be another massive evolution for the band. Without Mercy has sought out to bring back the organic metal sound and combine it with a high production standard that seems to have vanished from the modern day metal genre. “Reborn” has proven to be the highest production, have the most intense writing and be the most honest representation of the band to date.

Without Mercy is no stranger to tenacity. In only a few short years they have achieved; being the only indie metal band in Western Canada to have two tracks available as DLC on Rock Band 3, being featured in Tattoo Savage Magazine, and pioneering the phrases, ‘You Smell Like a Bitch’ and ‘Fuck Pussy Metal’ – which have now become synonymous with the band. All of course, independently.



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