The  Silver Palms

The Silver Palms

Flesh Panthers


Brother George

Brother George is a real person- a disheveled mystic who appeared one day long ago like a long and leery shadow, a little reeling but still erect, while wearing a peculiar hat and who'd climb to the stage as we played rock and roll and try not to disrupt the set with requests to do that song by the Band or that Dylan one or do you know that other song, that, "here, hear, starts like this I think" as we'd quiet down to hear the 'sqaw' 'haw' 'hjrone' of his harmonica. But the fun that began when the curtain fell each night would see Brother George back at our house before he'd pass out for the night on the couch after drinking all the wine. A few years back after he passed away from this damned life we began to wonder if Brother George was never just a band and never just one person, but maybe the pathway to something that might outlive us all.

The Uglies

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The Silver Palms with Flesh Panthers, Brother George, The Uglies

Saturday, April 12 · Doors 5:30 PM / Show 6:00 PM at Beat Kitchen